Many kinds of western hats were very popular in the past as revealed from the history of the Far West but the one that gained immense popularity and is still loved by people around the world is cowboy hats. This hat has become a true and most preferred emblem, especially amongst the lovers of country music.

Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hats are the most obvious parts of our attire on several occasions. The cowboy hats are our favourite companion during the beach and countryside days, horse riding sessions or competitions, and specially themed dance nights.

Now, the most frequently asked question is that what is the original design of a cowboy hat? The famous cowboy hat was first designed as well as commercialized first by John Batterson Stetson during the mid-1860s.

That hat has become so famous that it still continues to trend even after one and a half-century.

The cowboy hats are considered to be a classic style statement for people in the southwestern part of the United States and also other parts to an extent.

The cowboy hats are majorly being used by the factory workers and ranchers to protect them from the rain and burning sun which marks the functional characteristic of the cowboy hats.

The Cowboy Hats referred to as the “Boss of the plains”

The legends say that the most mythical hats of history, the cowboy hat was created by John Batterson Stetson while he was ill. John was sent to Colorado for a weather change. This was precise during this time when he ideated to design a wide brim and high crown hat that would protect a person from rain and sun.

John had instinctively felt that his creation if commercialized can be a huge success. So, he returned back to Philadelphia to start a small shop selling his creation.

He was neither very healthy nor had a lot of wealth to invest in. However, he managed to continue the business and his major clientele were the bankers of the northeast.

Once he started the business, there were several hurdles and difficulties but he managed to be patient and overcome all of the hurdles. Finally, he tasted success between 1885 & 1895. During this particular period of time, the cowboy hats began to triumph in Texas and the folks started adopting this as a premium clothing symbol and the trend has never faded till the present times.

After his remarkable success in the territory of cowboys, John B Stetson continued to triumph in the West and the cowboy hats had major takers amongst the ranchers, businessmen and cowboys in the West by the turn of the century.

This great popularity was inherited by Stetson’s son after his death and he became the owner of his late father’s company. But unfortunately, his son did not seem to have inherited his father’s talent.

His unorganized and wrong management finally led to the shutting down of the business. After then, new ownership arrived but still, the company could not survive for long and ended up devastated.

Then again, the production of the cowboy hats again resumed in the year 1998 by the successive subsidiaries.

Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat

This was in 1998 the new owners evolved and the factory was moved to Garland, Texas. Now Texas is the major hub of the cowboy hats’ production with the company headquartered in Garland, Texas.


The cowboy hats are very popular and have an interesting history full of ups and downs that we have discussed here. If you do not have an original cowboy hat yet, get yourself one and own a prized possession forever.