Chronographs are a type of watch which includes a stopwatch along with a regular time face.

Hearing this, you may think that a chronograph is just a smart watch – but actually it is an analog watch with other capabilities.

What is a chronograph?

Today, a typical chronograph watch will contain a multitude of functions. In general, any watch containing a stop watch can be labelled as a chronograph.

It will typically have three separate dials on the face, which measure hours, minutes and seconds.

On the side of the watch, there will be a crown which allows you to change the time on the watch.

If you’re a smartwatch user, you probably recognize the crown from your own watch, which helps you to perform a variety of functions. That crown came from the original analog watches!

Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph

Chronograph watches will also have two additional buttons beside the crown. The buttons are to start and stop the stopwatch, and to reset the stopwatch.

Though we can do all of these things with a smartphone, some people really love the feel of having an analog watch that does so much for them.

The features coupled with the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of the watch is a big draw for some people, and it is easy to see why people still wear these watches even though all of the technology is available on your phone.

History of the Chronograph watch:

Chronographs were initially invented by a watchmaker named Louis Moinet in 1816.

The idea behind Moinet’s invention was that it could be used in astrology, because the chronograph watch could measure time more precisely that other watches of that period.

Over the next few decades, other watchmakers improved on the design and the stopwatch continued to evolve. These days, for most of us, a stopwatch is no more than a simple app on our phones. But in the late 1800s, it was really revolutionary for that time

In the 1900s, we began to see watches with built in stopwatches. The stopwatch function (much like the watches of today) was activated by a small button on the side of the watch.

How do chronograph watches work?

When it comes to telling time, chronographs work similarly to a regular watch.

Essentially, there is a spring in the watch and tension builds on that spring. The tension is slowly released, and the watch hand will move gradually, keeping time.

Chronographs also contain other systems inside the watch the allow it to keep multiple sets of time, like the different dials for the hours, minutes and seconds.

Watches truly are a work of art – so much time and precision go into creating a watch that can perform a variety of functions.

What to consider when buying a chronograph watch?

If you are looking to buy a chronograph watch, there are a few things to consider before purchasing.


Look ; Style

When purchasing a watch, you have to buy something that speaks to you and that you know you are going to wear.

Try to pick something that you know you like and that fits your style. Remember that, like anything, you are the one wearing it and you have to like it!

Quality ; Price:

There are chronograph watches available at a variety of qualities and price points.

It is not to say that a more expensive watch is automatically better, but a cheap $20-$30 watch may not last you very long.

It is important to do research about whichever watch you are looking at and to invest in something that is a good quality for your price point.

Chronograph watches are beautiful and functional time pieces that never go out of style. They make a fantastic gift for a loved one or for yourself!