Are you bored with wearing plain suits to work or formal events? Do you want to improve the look for your business and formal wear? Are you looking for new ways to express your style?

Wearing a lapel pin may seem old-fashioned and corny today. However, there are ways to wear them without looking like a time traveler from over 800 years ago. Plus, there are a lot of reasons for you to wear a lapel pin.

Keep reading to learn why you want to start wearing a lapel.

1. What Is a Lapel Pin?

Before we talk about the reasons for wearing a lapel pin, let’s first discuss what they are. Lapel pins are decorative accessories you attach to your lapel. They function as simple embellishments or symbols of achievement.

A fun fact about lapel pins is that they’ve evolved so much. From the boutonnieres of 16th-century Britain, modern lapel pins now have many types. Its many types include:

• Boutonnieres
• Butterfly clutch
• Stickpins
• Screw and nut pins
• Magnetic clasps
• Badges
• Long stem pins


Don’t want your suit to get ruined with a pin? Magnetic clasps are there to keep your pin on without sticking a piece of metal through the cloth. If you want to secure your pin on your suit, screw and nut pins are there to keep them in place.

2. There’s a Large Variety to Choose From

Above, we already mentioned the many types of lapel pins you can find and wear. Type is only one aspect that makes lapel pins unique. Design is another factor that makes lapel pins unique.

You can find floral lapel pins that function as boutonnieres. You can get lapel pins that carry the name of your preferred political party. You can also get pins that have unique designs.

If you like quirky designs, you can find lapel pins that have them. All it takes is a quick internet search. If you prefer subtle embellishments, you can also find pins that have discreet designs.

The variety is a great thing because you can match them to your attire. You can use complementary or opposing colors for your lapel pin, suit, and tie. Wearing a stylish pin can also bring together an entire look in a way that a tie can’t.

3. Wearing a Lapel Pin Lets You Express Your Style

Because lapel pins come in a variety of designs, you can always find one that reflects your style. There are lapel pins that fit formal styles, gothic wear, and neon attire. The only trick is to find them or stores that sell them.

The best part about this is that you don’t need to wear clothes with a lapel to wear a lapel pin. You can find variations of lapel pins like collar pins for collared shirts. You can also opt to pin your lapel pin on the chest area of your shirt or jacket instead.

4. You Get to Show off Your Support for a Party or Team

You don’t only wear a lapel pin to add to your aesthetic. You can also wear it to display your support. Be it a political party, famous figure, or sports team, using lapel pins is the classy way to do it.

If you have an organization, you can also give the members lapel pins with the organization’s name on it. They can use it during exclusive events. They can also wear it during outings or other events with the team so everyone knows who is part of the organization.

Lapel Pin

This practice isn’t new. In 16th-century Italy, men wore a type of pin on the brims of their hats to signify a successful pilgrimage. Do you want to learn more about lapel pins? Check out more right here.

5. It Improves the Look of a Business Suit, Even on Online Conferences

Research says that close to 40% of all jobs can occur from home. Because of the coronavirus, a large percentage of workers are doing their jobs from home. Today, we think less about the commute and more about Zoom meetings.

This means that you can’s skip out on wearing your business attire. In Zoom conferences, you don’t need to wear a full business suit to appear formal. You can put on only your shirt and jacket, and it’ll be enough.

Since online conferences sacrifice face-to-face interaction, you can lose interest in it faster. Wearing a lapel pin is one way to pull in people’s attention during a conference. Adding a shiny or bright piece of metal can bring back waning attention.

6. They Make Great Conversation Starters

You can use your lapel pin to start a conversation. Many people don’t often meet men and women who wear lapel pins. It’s one of the reasons why wearing a lapel pin helps you stand out from the crowd.

This is effective if you’re wearing a lapel pin that displays the name of the team you support. Even if you have a simple lapel pin on, other people will still use it to converse with you. You can also say hi to a stranger. If they’re interested, they can keep the interaction going by commenting on your lapel pin.

7. A Lapel Pin Adds a Unique Twist to Your Daily Wear

Finally, you can use a lapel pin to give today’s look a little boost. It can be something as quirky as a dinosaur lapel pin. It can be something as appealing as a stemmed flower pin.

The key is that you use your lapel pin to add a new and interesting layer to your usual style.

Today, fewer men are buying suits. Even if you don’t wear suits often, you can always add a pin to your usual clothing. This gives the outfit an extra layer and a “new” look.

Find Your Style With Lapel Pins

That ends our guide on the various reasons for wearing a lapel pin. Now, we hope you know the best answers to the question of why wear a lapel pin? Remember that wearing a lapel pin is all about expressing yourself, so get pins that reflect your style.

Do you want to read more content on helping you find the right style for you? Do you want to learn about other fashion tips that you can use to express yourself? If you do, check out our other guides now.