If you run a clothing line, you’ll want to customize it with custom clothing labels. These clothing labels not only make your work look professional, they make it easy for customers to identify your products anywhere. Because there are many woven labels, you may need to know which type to use. You can print random DIY labels or order wholesale woven clothing labels for your brand. When it comes to quality, custom-woven labels are the best. They will retain their perfect shape regardless of what you wash them with.

How are woven labels made? During the woven label manufacturing process, your design will be woven into the fabric it will use. Since woven labels come in many types, you can choose from various options. The types of materials you can use for woven labels are discussed below. You will also know the characteristics of all fabrics. After that, you can choose the best type of woven label for your project.


If you’re not going to be using woven labels, you don’t need to learn them. There are many other options available. Consider designing a special care label for your product. Price is essential. Before you finally decide to use woven labels, consider asking yourself the questions below.

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Why do you want to use labels?

It would be best if you considered using woven labels for your project. You can also use it to place a logo on your project. A logo will help differentiate your brand and make it unique. Your sales will increase if people easily recognize your product through a logo.

Where do you want your label to go?

Because some people want soft labels, others wish for solid and durable labels. Your choice depends on the type of clothing you are making. If your thing is small, it’s best not to make a large logo. Large logos may make it difficult for customers to identify the main features of your item. It would be best if you considered creating a small logo. You need to place it in an easily recognizable place.

How will your label be attached?

People attach labels in two ways. Some people sew while others use an iron. You can choose between the two if you order from a regular custom-label retailer. If quality is your priority, you should opt for sewn labels. Unlike iron-on brands, sewn labels cannot come off.

To cut woven labels, you must use heat. With a good laser cutter, all edges can be covered easily. Because it helps prevent cracks, sewing on your project will be easy. Another way to brand and make your product unique is to use a custom hangtag.


Taffeta woven labels

How are woven labels made? A polyester thread is used to make Taffeta woven labels. It is important to note that only polyester woven threads can be used. Unlike other fabrics, taffeta is quite thick and slightly stiff.

To provide an excellent backdrop to your design, go for the use of taffeta. After taffeta is used, you can also use damask thread. This will help to create your text. In contrast to other options, taffeta is relatively inexpensive. It’s even one of the cheapest woven labels. If you’re thrifty, you have no choice but to opt for taffeta.


1. They are cheap

2. Even if the tiny text is displayed, it will still be apparent.

3. It takes a little time to dry. That’s why it is perfect for items that are often wet. One such item is a swimsuit.

4. Unlike satin, you can choose from a list of different background colours.


1. When a thick cloth is used to make clothes, it may feel too itchy.

2. Even though durable, it only lasts as short as satin.

3. Whenever it is used to display artwork, it will not be noticeable.

Damask woven label

It is the most popular woven label material. Polyester is used to make a damask. Most damasks even contain 100% polyester. Because there are so many threads in it, the small details are so obvious. No matter how small your text is, people can read it well.

Since designs are easily identifiable in damask, it is the best for customization. Everything about damask woven labels is of the highest quality. That’s why they are the most expensive. Although soft, but still durable and has many options.


1. Best quality

2. Quite soft and comfortable

3. Long lasting. Even if exposed to harsh conditions, it would survive.

4. Since the damask comes in various colours, you can choose from many options.


1. They are pretty expensive

Satin woven label

Like the other woven labels discussed above, polyester thread is also used to make satin. Satin labels are pretty soft and shiny. It is the best-woven label material to use if you want to make delicate items. Satin woven labels are famous for making baby clothes and excellent fabrics for sensitive skin.

A damask thread is used in the creation of the text. They’re also used in making all the designs. The background is quite different. They are usually made of satin fabric. Since satin comes in only a few colours, you’ll have to choose from a limited selection. Satin labels are luxury woven labels. That’s why they are recommended for people with various vintage styles.


1. It feels soft and comfortable.

2. Woven satin labels are shiny and often look luxurious. That’s why people call it a luxury woven label.

3. Durable satin woven labels. Even when you wash them or expose them to harsh conditions, they will stay in their correct shape.

4. Satin woven labels are perfect for people who want to create a distinct vintage style.


1. It is more expensive than taffeta

2. Because there are few threads, the design details will not be precise.

3. It doesn’t come in many background colours. You have no choice but to choose from limited options

Woven labels are the most common type of label used on clothing. It is made with a loom using woven threads, so it is durable and does not fade when washed. All labels, such as custom leather labels, PVC, hang tags, and others, can be quickly and easily applied to various garments, accessories and other textile goods. Custom woven labels that are professionally made look fantastic and add a personal touch to any textile item.