Wooden sunglasses aren’t just an alternative to fashionable mainstream glasses based on style but also on substance. It’s the newest alternative to the ever-popular metallic glasses. On the plus side, the glasses look elegant. As it’s the latest talk of the town, the appeal it generates is staggering. But being a newbie has its fair share of drawbacks. The trust issues are high, and they have to continually remind the users about the fact that the quality is of A grade. So in this article, I will elucidate why wooden glasses are worth your money and fashion.

wood glasses

Wooden sunglasses is the same as those made of any other materials, like metal and other objects. The only difference is that it’s better. However, it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea. So the right level of choice needs to be made about having the right wooden frame. Here are some of the key reasons for wood being good.

Environmentally friendly

People today are more conscious about sustainable fashion and its direct positive impact on the environment and the world we live in. Choosing wood over any other material gives you the conscience that you are opting for the betterment of Mother Nature. How is wood beneficial for the environment? Wood removes one of the most dangerous chemical elements from the environment, aka carbon dioxide. It also nullifies carbon emissions to the air.

Less Effort

Producing sunglasses with wood takes much less time and materials than doing that with traditional metals. Wood is a recyclable product, and most importantly, it requires fewer amounts of materials. When a lot of materials are used to make glasses, it will result in a lot of potential waste. Therefore wood causes lower environmental ramifications. What is more advantageous is that making glasses from woods are highly sustainable. Woods are renewable, and most importantly, it’s natural. All it is needed is to collect from trees. Another important aspect of wood is that it can be replenished continuously and consistently. Therefore with wood, natural resources won’t be shredded.

Replacing Trees

Investing in glasses made by wood allow you to harvest on trees and to replant new ones. When such a cycle is maintained, the environment is in good terms, resulting in positive air exhalation. Therefore you are doing your part in protecting the environment. If you want to take a step towards looking after our planet by eliminating single-use plastics from your daily life and using biodegradable products, check out Ecoy.

Offering Intangible Benefits

We all know how wooden glasses offer you maximum style and protection from harmful Ultraviolet rays. But do you know wearing such glasses gives you a feel-good factor? We have elucidated before how wood offers environmental benefits. When you are giving your hard-earned labour to see a fresh, natural environment, it causes a feel-good factor. According to numerous researches planting trees causes human beings to increase dopamine. Hence it allows users to feel mentally satisfied by merely wearing glasses.


Health just doesn’t come from eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wearing wooden shades can only be as healthy as eating beneficial foods. When you wear sunglasses that are made with metal, it allows for skin irritation and discomfort in other places of ears and eyes. Metals are rough, and users are prone to suffer from irritation. Therefore as much as it’s difficult to prove scientifically, due to being a newbie, wooden glasses actually gives more comfort than wearing glasses of any other materials.

Durable and Lightweight

Wood is a material that is resistant to long-lasting periods. Metals made with aluminum and titanium don’t cause it to weld and fold. Glasses that are made from iron causes it to rust, making it feel like it won’t last for as long as one would have wanted. Wood is, by default, a durable material. If your frames are made of wood, you are ensured that it won’t be affected by heat, rust, and any other substance that will cause a fall in quality.

Another misconception that people have is that objects made with wood are the heaviest ever. Not every wooden material is a cricket batch that will take a lot of muscle power to carry it. Sunglasses that are made of wood are incredibly lightweight. Having such lightweight glasses allows you to feel supremely comfortable while wearing it. When it comes to summertime, one has to wear glasses for long periods, and they need sunglasses that can cause comfort for long periods. So buy wooden glasses to have maximum comfort on your eyes, nose and ears.

Most importantly, wood is a natural material that will allow a long-lasting period for years, unless you are someone who tends to mishandle materials.

Diversity of aesthetics

Wood is a beautiful material, which can be used to customize in a lot of sizes and patterns. The biggest problem with metal glasses is that the level of standardization is high, and the customization is low. This is not applicable in the case of wood, where designs are countless, and each design gives a unique appeal when creating glasses. While there is a lot of variation, one thing that cannot be denied is each of them are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, literally. It is scientifically proven that wood offers beauty in any materials that are made of.  What’s best about woods is that there are different grades of wood, which makes customization even more achievable. Imagine your frame looking like the interior panel of a new car?


The purpose of wooden glasses is not to ensure awareness about the environment, instead to educate people that you can have a good choice of glasses without being harsh on the environment. We live in a world of environmental consciousness because we finally realize that natural resources are finite and scarce. The best way we can act is to wear glasses that are eco friendly, recyclable and still gives maximum comfort. Wooden glasses are the biggest example of it, so it’s high time to give this a try and see for yourself why it’s the new and best alternative to traditional glasses.