How to transport flowers?

Transporting flower arrangements in a vehicle requires careful planning and execution to ensure the flowers remain fresh and undamaged during transit.

flower bouquet

Preparing your flower arrangement for transport

The first step in ensuring your flowers arrive in pristine condition is to prepare them properly before they even enter your car. Start by hydrating your flowers thoroughly. This is critical because well-hydrated flowers are more resilient to the jostling and temperature changes they might experience during transport. Once they are hydrated, construct a secure base using a foam insert. This foam will hold the stems in place and reduce movement that can cause damage.

For flower arrangements in vases or glass containers, a layer of bubble wrap is essential. Wrap the vase or container with enough bubble wrap to cushion any impacts. If your arrangement is in a basket or a decorative container, secure it with additional foam around the sides to prevent any tipping or shifting.

Securing arrangements in your vehicle

Choosing the right spot in your car is as important as the preparation of the flowers. The backseat is often the best place because it allows for flat placement and control over temperature and exposure to sunlight. Use seat belts or additional cart straps to secure the arrangement in place. Make sure that the box or container does not have room to slide or tip over.

If the arrangement is particularly tall or top-heavy, consider lowering the backseat and placing the arrangement in a horizontal position, supported by other flat surfaces or additional padding like bags or blankets to maintain an even level. This prevents undue stress on the taller parts of the arrangement.

For extra security, especially during longer trips or through areas with unpredictable roads, using a container or cart designed for floral transport can provide additional assurance that your arrangements will remain in top condition.

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After arrival: checking and care

Once you reach your destination, immediately check the arrangements. Determine if any parts of the arrangement need immediate attention or rearrangement due to the transit. It is often necessary to refresh the flowers after a trip, especially if the travel time was lengthy or through areas with fluctuating temperatures.

If the flowers seem to have shifted or compacted, gently adjust the stems and replace any displaced water or foam. If you’ve used flowers in boxes during transport, make sure to remove them from confined spaces quickly to prevent condensation buildup which can hasten decay.

Here, Casa dei Fiori outlines practical steps to transport flowers safely, making use of specific techniques and supplies. Ensure the bouquet is placed in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight until they are ready to be displayed or used.