Learn about the new trends in highlights to always look fabulous

Hair highlighting techniques have been around for more than five decades, evolving in their application methods and styles as time goes by. The ideal thing to obtain the best results is to turn to experts, who are up-to-date on new trends. Two of the most used styles today are balayage and ombré .

Highlights in hair were born as a way to emulate the reflections of the sun and thus illuminate the face more. Its use, as we know it now, began in the 1970s at the height of the “peace and love” wave, that is, with the hippie movement, women sought to break stereotypes and look more daring and hair was the main protagonist with long colored locks, which was the genesis of contemporary highlights.

Although the most popular style of this coloring is known as Californian highlights, it was not in California where this trend emerged but in France, from where they spreaded throughout the world. They are called Californian because they refer to the sun’s rays that reflect on the hair on the beaches of California.

This technique consists of leaving the roots and the middle part of the hair with the natural color, starting the bleaching process from there, in such a way as to provide luminosity and movement to the hair.

hair highlights

You have to go to the experts

Something essential when you have made the decision to get highlights is to resort to a hair salon Marbella with specialists in this type of techniques, since falling into the hands of an inexperienced person has a high probability of causing serious damage to the hair.

A professional with experience is a guarantee that the results will be close to what is desired, taking into account that there are various factors that influence: the condition of the hair, previous bleaching and dyeing, and the care given to the hair.

However, when the hairdresser is an expert, the best possible results will be obtained, since there is the certainty that he uses the best products, and he is at the forefront of new trends and will advise the person on what is best for him regarding his hair, face, skin tone, and the condition of your hair.

New times, new trends

Regarding the techniques as such and, consequently, their results, there are various types of highlights that have become very popular, one is the so-called ombré, which in French means shading, which consists of creating a gradient. That is, going from a darker color at the roots to a lighter one, as you go down towards the ends.

For many, it is a more natural and subtle way to show off the traditional Californian highlights, since in the latter the cut from one color to another is usually much more marked. For many, ombré highlights subtly add light to the face, however, doing so does show that a change in look has been made.

Another technique widely used today is balayage, another word of French origin, which means to sweep. It is a gentle lightening process that becomes more pronounced as it goes towards the ends, which gives a natural effect of imitating the reflections of the sun.

There are no limits to the diversity of tones used. To obtain better results, the ideal is for the chosen color to be associated with the skin tone. Regarding this decision, the best is to have the advice of a colorimetry specialist.

A style of highlights also widely used today are the so-called babylights, considered by many the best way to give a touch of shine to the hair, without the need to resort to complete coloring or the use of dyes. They are fine highlights that come from the roots of the hair, generally two shades lighter are used below the base color.