Parenting is one of the most challenging forms of adulting, yes, more than budgeting because it tests you from all ends, from budgeting, time management to creating time and balance in your own busy life as an individual. And indeed, it is a great responsibility, bringing a being into this world and helping them grow until they start navigating their lives independently.

But no matter how much people await this phase of life, there is never a fixed guide or a user manual that comes along with it. Nor is the maternal or paternal instinct readily available within any person. It all comes with observation and experience and a little bit of your own upbringing—actually, alot of that, so if you fail, it’s on your parents.

This is how important it is because you are a part of this big cycle. What you do now and how you do it will eventually be carried on in your children, and then their children after that. So now that you know how important it is, we will introduce you to some of the relevant examples that will help you further learn about how to parent and what’s a better example than watching one of the best parenting movies themselves.

Netflix has a wide variety of movies from all genres on their platforms, and there are numerous of them targeting families and kids. But since the library is pretty versatile for all the regions it is available in, you can miss out on a lot that others are watching. You may use a VPN that works with Netflix to get past the geo-restrictions, and it will also help you solve streaming Proxy error that you may come across while trying to access movies from different regions.

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So without any wait, let’s dive in and see what we have in store when it comes to what is Netflix has in store for us when it comes to parenting:

Instant Family

The best part about Instant Family is that it explored an entirely different form of parenthood in the shape of adoption. And we are not talking about adopting babies; we are talking about adopting 3 children from a diverse ethnical background, oh and one of them is a typical teenager. It seems like a perfect package, right?  So we thought, but for Ellies and Pete, it was a roller coaster ride. They did everything by the book, but at times even that may not be the perfect solution. Maybe there is no ideal solution after all.

What to Expect When you are Expecting

Based on a self-help novel with the same name, What to expect when you are expecting is a film about 5 interconnected couples who are all thrilled about the joy of life, that is to start a new family. But as there is a famous saying, that it only happens in movies, this one is slightly different from that. From adoption to miscarriages to the uncomfortable bodily changes in a woman and the fear of becoming a dad. You’ll find pretty much everything in here in this book-based movie.


Everyone tells you how you should act as a parent, what are the things you should do that will help get the “right results.” But no one actually bothers telling you what you SHOULD NOT DO. And if you need a sneak peek of that, then Matilda is the one. One of the best children movies on Netflix, it will guide you and show you how things may turn up if you are a negligent parent, and not everyone is lucky to have a child who turns up great on their own. Plus, an added bonus will be the decadent chocolate cake; nope, you can’t escape that.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is a heartwarming story about parenting and being there for the kids, even when you no longer are married to your partner and no longer live with them. There are numerous ways you can be present in your kid’s life, particularly in a disguise of an older woman as a nanny, definitely that one. Mrs. Doubtfire is one of Robbin William’s best and most memorable and best parenting movies of all time and a hard-to-forget disguise. Plus, it will make you realize the worth of your family, no matter who you are.