Getting to Work Fast: Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Getting to Work Fast: Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

For the majority of the population, getting up early in the morning to go to work is perhaps the hardest accomplishment of the entire day. The period before you have had your morning coffee can hardly be described as merry but you still need to get through these minutes and hours. After you are done hitting the snooze button several times, you probably rush your morning route and fit getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and grabbing the suitcase with a few hectic minutes. You actually need to slow things down and be more efficient, which is where our X tips for speeding your morning route will come in more than handy.

Cranking up the volume

Nobody enjoys listening to the alarm clock first thing in the morning. Its sound, no matter how customized it is, is music to no one’s ears. Speaking of music, why don’t you make the transition from an annoying beep straight into a song you like? Modern smartphones and home entertainment systems come with the feature delayed playback feature which enables you to schedule a song to play mere seconds after you get up.

Regardless of the musical genre you fancy, you need a song with a strong bass to shake you up real good. The debate whether listening to music first thing in the morning is a good or a bad thing can be settle in only one way. Try out a musical awakening and figure out for yourself will Rammstein or Michael Jackson be enough to make your eyes pop (in a good way).

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Snooze out instead of sleeping in

Few of us remember when was the last time we had a decent sleep and were able to wake up on our own. Well, our body regulates this naturally so we should do our best to work with our innate body clock, not against it. Determine how many hours of sleep you need and go to bed when the right time comes. This way, you will feel less drowsy in the morning and more importantly, you will not hit the snooze button.

In fact, the snooze function all digital alarm clocks feature is one of the biggest enemies of an active morning routine. By going back to sleep several times over a short interval of time, you are risking sleeping in. Furthermore, when you do get up, you will feel drowsy and tired, as if you haven’t slept at all. We know it’s a hard thing to do but try to do away with the snooze button; gradually if nothing else.

Two is better than one

If you don’t live alone, then you can get pumped up as much as you want but if the line in front of the bathroom is long, all is lost. Whether it’s your roommate, spouse or a friend, bathroom jams are simply unforgivable. Now, if you had two lavatories that you excellent, wouldn’t it? However, not many people can afford to have double or triple water rooms so you can seek other methods to cut down on bathroom time.

Multitasking in a good way

Even if you live in a cramped apartment with other people, there are still ways to speed things up. The bathroom fixtures can allow you to multitask. For instance, a bidet can double up as a provisional shower because it comes equipped with a jet of warm water, just like a real shower. Using the toilet and a quick shower can become activities that blend into one another, saving you precious time to get ready. If you aren’t sure what exactly a bidet is, go through some bidet toilet seat reviews to see which model will suit you the best.

Timing the meals right


One of the most common reasons why people cannot fall to sleep is their diet, i.e. its timing. Eating after 8 PM is not recommendable by dieticians, especially when large portions are in question. Your stomach and the digestive system lack the time to process the food properly, which results in a case of acute insomnia. In addition, you need to be careful not to overeat in the morning as well. Avoid heavy breakfasts but don’t skip breakfast either. The best option is to prepare a light breakfast in the evening and store it in the fridge to eat in the morning when you feel peckish.

Prepare, prepare, and … prepare

You might have figured it out on your own by now but the course of your work morning is extensively determined by that you do the previous night. Being responsible and going to bed early is the first step towards morning productivity. Secondly, you have to prepare as much stuff as you can before you go to bed. This means preparing the clothes you’ll wear to work tomorrow, packing the suitcase/bag, preparing breakfast, finding the car keys, etc. These actions might seem trivial and mundane but they have the power to draw the line between a lazy morning routine and an efficient one that you are striving for.

Morning Coffee

All in all, getting to work fast is not mission impossible. If you adopt an efficient morning routine that will help speed things up, you should be ready to walk out the door in minutes.