Glowing skin is a gift of youth. It has that freshness that seems to be permanently present from the time you sleep and all throughout the day. However, it is not permanent, as anyone will soon discover as they mature in years.

Somehow, ageing takes away that suppleness, which is a primary factor in glowing, youthful skin. Little lines and creases start to appear, seemingly out of nowhere, leaving you wondering where your youth has gone.

Luckily, developing good habits can stall the ageing process and help your skin look fresh and appealing, even as you age. Together with SkinCeuticals, these habits allow you to age youthfully, recapturing your younger days with the way you look. Below are simple but effective habits for glowing skin.

Keep on smiling

This habit may sound simple enough, but putting it into practice may be a little more challenging than you think. There are so many things that happen around us that keep us from smiling. The stress of everyday living can bring you down.

Nevertheless, don’t allow it to steal that smile away. Smiling keeps you looking so much younger than you are. The wrinkles that come from frowning age you faster and stress can do significant damage to your skin. Wake up with a smile. It does wonders.

Keep your skin clean and moisturized

Never go to sleep without ensuring that your skin is wiped clean of makeup and other tiny particles that embed in it during the day. Avoid using harsh soap as it can dry up your skin. Instead, go for a mild cleanser that is gentle on your skin while effectively removing your makeup and accumulated dirt.

Skin toners may be used but steer clear of those that are alcohol-based. They can also strip your skin of moisture. Follow this up with a moisturizer.

Practice the same routine when you wake up in the morning to ensure that your skin maintains its natural moisture throughout the day.


Maintain a nutritious diet

Whatever we eat impacts our skin as well. It is best to eat foods that contain the essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy. These include leafy green vegetables and fruits, which are packed with vitamins and minerals, not only to keep you physically fit but are miracle workers for your skin.

Avoid too much makeup

Makeup is meant to enhance your best features, not to cover your natural beauty. As you age, too much makeup can make you look older. Because your skin is not as supple, makeup does not adhere to your face the way it used to.

Makeup can also do damage to the skin, especially when it becomes a daily routine, morning and night. This is not to say that you should not wear makeup. It only means using it sparingly so that it blends perfectly with your skin and keeps you looking fresh day and night.

Ageing is a natural process that everyone will go through. Nevertheless, it should not stop you from finding ways to look your best with great-looking skin. Develop these habits and live a healthy life. You will be thankful that you did.