It’s not just men in their 40s and above that have grey hair. These days even men in their 20s are getting grey hair. For a long time, there has been a misconception that men with grey hair aren’t attractive or hot, but that nothing could be further from the truth.

A survey by one of the most popular dating sites shows that 72% of women find men with grey hair hot. As long as they know how to wear their grey, silver foxes are not just attractive but sexy. From the salt and pepper phase to the full-on grey, a man who wears his hair grey is sure to attract the right kind of attention.

Styling grey hair is just as simple as styling normal hair even at home, provided you have the right tools. If you are new to this, here is a simple how to cut your own hair men guide.

Five Reasons Why Women Dig Silver Hair and Two Ways to Rock your Streaks.

1.Grey Hair is Charming

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Women find men with grey hair charming and attractive compared to their peers. A young guy with silver stresses is particularly hot especially if he has lots of hairstyles.

Most women don’t like long hair on a silver fox as it tends to have the opposite effect.

It’s no wonder George Clooney has discovered his new level of hotness just by going grey.

2.A Sign of Maturity

The grey look is not just a sign of experience but also maturity. Women love a man who looks distinguished from their peers. They give off an aura that they are done with the petty sh*t.

He is a grown-up, he does not have time for meaningless arguments, and most women dig that.

3.Looks Influential without Trying

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is one of the most trusted news anchors in America. While this is attributed to his age, new anchoring experience, and good reputation, the looks also play a part.

Those silver streaks look regal in their own way. Look at Barrack Obama, you don’t need to know who he is to follow his lead.

Carrying a grey beard is just as striking as a silver head but you have to know how to wear it lest you look 70 while you are 40.

4.Reassuring and Supportive

A man who isn’t ashamed of his hair grey is not afraid of growing old. He knows who he is and that spells confidence and reassurance to women. It also says that you aren’t hanging on their past looks.

For a woman, you won’t find the urge to rush to the salon for touch-ups when your streaks start coming, as you know that won’t bother him.

5.It’s Fashion Forward

Grey Hair

Professional stylists and talent managers are saying that grey hair is the new black making both men and women embrace going grey.

In fact, it can be off-putting to some women when a man dyes his hair. A grey hue highlights a man’s high points and brings out his eyes, pair that with a nice outfit and your fashion game is on another level.

Tips to wear Grey Hair for Men

It can be a nightmare when you see your first streaks of grey but if you wear it right, it can make a style statement making you look confident and mature.

1.Go for a Trendy Haircut

Grey Hair

A grey undercut and buzzcut are some of the best haircuts to rock grey hair. The undercut in particular looks great on young men in the salt and pepper phase while the buzzcut looks great on older men.

Ryan Reynolds likes to rock his hair short and combed-back, which adds the volume and texture needed in hair.

Don’t forget to style your beards too if you want Ryan’s look.

2.Short Waves

Grey Hair

If there is something that looks great it’s grey, wavy hair. A short cut that gives you one or two waves creates a polished look that most old and young men can wear.

Fortunately, this is something you can easily do at home.

3.Embracing the Grey with Lordhair’s High-Quality Men’s Wigs

For those men who are thinning or balding but still want to rock the grey look, Lordhair offers high-quality wigs that can be customized with a certain proportion of hair.

These wigs allow men of all ages to confidently sport the silver fox look, regardless of their natural hair condition.

Not only do these wigs look incredibly natural, but they also provide the same styling flexibility as real hair, allowing men to embrace the grey trend without any limitations.

Hair cut Styles for men with Grey Hair

There are numerous stylish haircut options that not only complement the natural color but also enhance their overall appearance.

Hair cut Styles for men with Grey Hair

Here are some popular men’s haircut styles for grey hair:

  1. Short Textured Crop: The short textured crop is a versatile haircut that works well for grey hair. This style features short, textured hair on top with slightly tapered sides and back. It adds volume and dimension to grey hair while maintaining a clean and modern look.
  2. Classic Taper Cut: The classic taper cut is a timeless hairstyle that suits men of all ages, including those with grey hair. This haircut features shorter hair on the sides and back, gradually tapering into slightly longer hair on top. It offers a clean and polished appearance while allowing for easy styling.
  3. Sleek Side Part: The sleek side part is a sophisticated hairstyle that looks particularly stylish. This haircut features a deep side part with neatly combed hair on top and shorter sides. It exudes a classic and refined look that is perfect for both professional and formal occasions.
  4. Textured Quiff: The textured quiff is a modern and trendy haircut. This style features longer hair on top styled into a voluminous quiff, with shorter sides and back. It adds texture and movement to grey hair while creating a fashionable and youthful appearance.
  5. Undercut with Pompadour: The undercut with pompadour is a bold and edgy haircut that can complement grey hair beautifully. This style features shaved or closely cropped sides and back, with longer hair on top styled into a voluminous pompadour. It adds contrast and personality to grey hair while making a fashion statement.
  6. Classic Buzz Cut: The classic buzz cut is a low-maintenance haircut that is well-suited. This style features uniformly short hair all over the head, giving a clean and streamlined appearance. It’s a practical option for men who prefer a no-fuss hairstyle while still looking stylish.

When choosing a haircut, it’s essential to consider factors such as hair texture, face shape, and personal style preferences.

Consulting with a professional hairstylist can help determine the best haircut that enhances your natural hair and suits your individual needs and lifestyle.


Going grey is not something to be embarrassed about and it’s not necessary to dye it. Most women admit that they love grey hair, also, grey hair is trendy, and when worn right it can create sophistication that other colors cannot.