Online learning has increased at a speed faster than that of a light after the break out of COVID-19. With people home bound and nothing to do, there was no better option for them than to utilize their time learning online. Between March and July of 2020, the peak of the pandemic when almost the entire world was at a standstill, all online learning portals witnessed over a 200% increase in their traffic, subscriptions, and purchases. Online Quran learning was no exception. Almost all online Quran academies saw their registrations shot up. The growth was so sudden and overwhelming that they faced shortage of tutors. This trend continued till September when the lockdown eased worldwide.

With this growth came some challenges and since people were not used to this mode of learning Quran, they found it hard to make the most of it. So if you are the one who is already learning or want to learn Quran online, we are listing some of the do’s and don’ts that will make online Quran learning fast and effective.


The Do’s

Following are the things that you should do while learning Quran online.

1. Observe regularity

It’s easy to miss your online classes. You may forget it or are just not in a mood to take it. Also, since there is no penalty and no one to force you, you are tempted to skip a class at regular intervals. This will greatly affect your learning speed and efficiency.

Make it a point not to miss any of your online Quran classes no matter the circumstances. Keep your classes schedule in front of you or on your calendar and preferably set an alarm so that you are reminded when it’s your class time.

2. Observe consistency

Consistency is the key to getting good at something. No matter how low your learning capacity may be, if you are consistent, you will eventually get what you want.

Learning Quran online requires unwavering consistency. It is of course an uphill task which can be achieved through consistency only. Keep yourself motivated all the time by reminding yourself of all the benefits and blessings of learning Quran.

3. Practice regularly

Practice is what makes you perfect in anything. To expedite your Quran learning, it is advised to practice regularly at home. Relying solely on classes will slow down your learning process as the time is not enough.

Revising each lesson will allow you to spot your mistakes and better prepare you for the next lesson. As 60-65% of the words in the Quran are repetitive, correcting one such word means correcting a good portion of the Quran.

The Don’ts

Following are the things that you should avoid while learning Quran online.

1. Avoid distractions

Distractions are one of the key challenges in online learning. Distractions are frequent and can come in multiple forms. These can be background noise, phone calls from friends and family members or social media chats and posts.

You can avoid distractions by sitting in a secluded place while taking your Quran classes. Selecting a quiet place for your live classes will avoid background noise and help you focus on what you learn. Instruct your family members not to interrupt you while you are in the class. You can also turn off your cell phone and sign out from your social media handles to make sure no distractions pop up from there.

2. Avoid being know-it-all

This might sound strange but I can say it from my personal experience as an online Quran tutor for a few years. Students who think they know everything learn little and slower compared to students who think they need to learn more. Learning Quran is something that never fully completes and you can always learn something new no matter for how long have you been learning it.

Always be willing to increase your knowledge of the Quran. This will motivate you to ask questions and participate actively in the class. If you have any curiosity or questions about anything, don’t shy away from asking it. This is how you will learn Quran online with maximum knowledge in a short period of time.

3. Avoid changing your schedule frequently

Of course your routine can change leading you to change your schedule. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is good to have a schedule that fits your availability. It becomes a problem when you do it every week or every other week.

Select a schedule for online Quran classes that you think you will be available at least 2-3 months from now and stick to it. This way, both you and your tutor will know about the schedule. Changing the schedule frequently will negatively affect your Quran learning pace.