Employees aren’t required to wear the same uniform as their coworkers, but employers can mandate them. And while it can create a harmonious environment, it removes the sense of personality from everyone. Moreover, over time, wearing the same uniform as everyone else can be pretty dull, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Contrary to common belief, there are ways to dress to impress during work without breaking the rules. Read on for some tips on how you can spice up your company’s mandatory work uniforms so you can feel better about wearing them.


1. Look for Stores with Diverse Options

Garments can be made of different fabrics, possess diverse colors, and follow various styles. Fabrics, colors, and styles don’t necessarily have to be the same for everyone else’s mandatory work uniforms. So, one way of personalizing your compulsory uniform is to experiment with these three factors.

If you’re looking for scrubs tops for men, for example, you can choose one made of polyester instead of cotton, or pick a darker shade of blue instead of a lighter one.

With this technique, you can personalize even the simplest medical scrubs, but it can be pretty tricky to find a physical store with such diverse options, so your best bet would be to look on the internet. Online platforms offer a wide range of customization options for medical scrubs, making it easier to find a style that suits your personal and professional needs.

The internet has myriads of websites for you to explore. If, for example, you want to look for Medical clothes, Keswi might be your best bet. Besides, these stores don’t only specialize in personalization. They also offer the following benefits to their consumers:

• Lower price
• Convenience
• Replacements or refunds


If you don’t have time to spruce up your uniform yourself, this would be a perfect choice. But if you can spare a bit of time, you can go all-in by incorporating your accessories into your overall outfit.

2. Incorporate Personal Accessories

The scope of ‘mandatory work uniforms’ usually doesn’t include accessories, so it should be fine to wear accessories such as a belt, a scarf, etc. These accessories might cover a small percentage of your outfit, but these little accessories can make a massive difference to your overall appearance.

These accessories may include ties, socks, bracelets, belts, or even pins. And since they tend to be quite affordable, it doesn’t hurt to buy many of them in your free time. That way, you can try something different every day. But of course, accessories aren’t the only things you can add to your outfit.

3. Take Advantage of Things You Can Control

While most companies tend to mandate work uniforms among their employees, they offer a bit of freedom to the outfit. So, suppose they demanded that all employees wear the same top and bottom; this would mean that you don’t have to wear the same footwear as your coworkers.

You can choose footwear that focuses on either aesthetics or functionality. Either way, having unique footwear can set you apart from everyone else. And while it’s not considered part of your attire, it’s also worth carrying a bag that showcases your overall style unless your work doesn’t involve having a bag.

4. Play Around with The Uniform

It may be hard to believe, but it’s possible to wear the same uniform as everyone else, the same fabric, color, style, and all, and still look unique from your coworkers, and you can do so by playing around with the uniform. Here are few uniform hacks you can try:

• Roll up your uniform sleeves up to the elbows for a more casual style
• Tuck in your tops to make the outfit ornamenting
• Expose the collar of your uniform
• Add a fold in the tie to make it look three-dimensional (tie dimple)


There are many ways to look better without accessorizing or buying new uniforms, but not everyone has good fashion sense, so playing around with your uniform may end up making you look horrendous. So, if you have money to spare and you’re not necessarily great at styling your uniform, you can simply send your uniform to a tailor.

5. Send the Uniform to A Tailor

Most of the time, the employer will provide you with mandatory work uniforms, but chances are, their uniform won’t fit your body. It would either be too big or too small. There are also cases where some features simply look horrible, like when there’s a hem in an uncomfortable place. That’s when the idea of tailoring your uniform comes in.

Tailoring a uniform may involve changing your pants’ length, adjusting the hems, making the shirt a lot fitter, and more. It’s also possible to tailor your uniform by yourself, especially if you’re into DIY.

Unfortunately, some companies prohibit using tailored mandatory uniforms, so this isn’t always a good idea. In that case, you can always tuck your shirt on your pants to make it look more fitting to your stature, but this too can be pretty inconvenient.

6. Invest in Shirt Garters

Tucking your shirt can be frustrating. You have to reach your hands down after several minutes as it comes loose, and it may sometimes get wrinkled. That’s where shirt garters come in.

Shirt garters are a set of straps that connects the shirt to the top of your socks. Its purpose is to ensure that your shirt stays tucked in even after a long time. Shirt garters also make the shirt look neat as it prevents wrinkling.

Simply put, it’s an excellent way for your shirts to look polished without sending them to the tailor. But no matter how polished they look, it won’t do you any good if you don’t take proper care of them.

7. Take Good Care of Your Uniforms

Wrinkles, loose interlinings, ugly bubbles, and pilings are just a few problems that can get in the way of personalization. Alas, these problems are often inevitable, and they’ll become a lot more common the more you use your uniform. However, you can at least minimize these things by taking good care of your uniforms.

8. Change Up Your Hairstyle

If you can’t get away with changing your actual clothing, focusing on your hairstyle should be your next course of action. It’s cheap, easy, and you have countless options. Sure, it may not be part of your uniform, but it’s still a massive part of your appearance. If you want to show your personality, changing up your hairstyle is always one of your options.

Final Words

While it’s possible to dress sharply in mandatory work uniforms using a few hacks, it’s also a good idea to wear your work uniforms without any modifications every now and then. It gives the company a sense of unity, which it will need once in a while.