Whether you’re a seasoned travel worker or are taking a one-time assignment, a lot goes into preparing for temporary work. To name a few ways to prepare, you have to line up travel arrangements and housing.

Even though being a field worker is fulfilling, especially if you love what you do, it takes a lot of effort!

Check out five tips that offer some pointers on making preparing for your new travel job easier.

1. Make Moving as Easy as Possible

As you prepare for your new assignment, it would help if you simplified moving. You can do this in many ways.

Only Keep What’s Essential

We have already established that moving is a lot of work. So, you don’t want to make your life more complicated by having to move a bunch of furniture and belongings.

Only bringing the essentials will ensure your moving process is more simplified. If you have too many belongings to travel with, consider getting a storage unit. Although, sticking with the essentials can save you time and money.


Arrange Movers Ahead of Time

If you already know when you’ll be moving, secure some movers as soon as possible. Depending on when you leave for the assignment, movers may be more in demand.

You may think it won’t be a big deal to unload things yourself. But, depending on how many belongings you have, it could be a big headache.

So, book a well-established moving company well in advance of your travels.

Forward Your Mail

If you’re only going to be at a job site for a few months, it may not make sense to change your address. If that’s the case, set up a PO Box and have your mail forwarded.

2. Confirm All Details with Your Employer

You may have already signed your temporary work contract and are all set. But do you know what to expect when you arrive?

Confirming all the details with your employer ahead of time will make things run smoothly. However, things change — so reconfirm details even if outlined in your contract.

If you were to arrive at your job only to find out you don’t start until the following day, that would be a pain!

3. Line Up Housing

Housing takes a lot of effort, and you may or may not want to arrange it yourself. If you choose to do it independently, plan far enough in advance. You must have somewhere to live by the time your temporary assignment starts!

To make things easier, you may want to consider pairing up with a corporate housing company. There are many reputable temporary housing companies like Travelers Haven.

A temporary housing company can take care of all the details and line up a place for you to live. Not only that, but they can find a home for you based on your specifications.

So, if you want to lighten your load, consider using a housing company to arrange everything.


4. Keep Stress at a Minimum

Your recent move may not be your first rodeo. Moving and starting a new job can be stressful for anyone. Make it your goal to keep things stress-free. It’ll make your temporary work a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Come up with some activities you can do when you feel overwhelmed. For example, you may want to go on a hike, read a book, or do some deep breathing exercises.

Whatever you decide to do, creating healthy habits will make the transition better.

5. Focus on the Learning Experience

Not everyone gets to experience what you do as a temporary worker. For example, working with people from different walks of life in new locations has many benefits.

You have the chance to take away new skills based on the interactions you have with work colleagues. Plus, besides work skills, you soak up many life skills as well.

Make every minute count while focusing on your work assignment. In the long run, it’ll be worth it!



Preparing for travel and work is an exciting time. So keep it a wonderful experience by focusing on techniques that work for you.

You can make your temporary assignment successful. Focus on arranging housing, keeping your stress low, and other tips discussed.

You’re a determined field worker, and you’ve got this!