Are you about to welcome your baby? Congrats, that’s amazing! Unlike old days when parents used to prefer traditional names for their baby girls, new couples prefer nice-sounding names.

These days, parents love to choose cute, quirky, and dainty monikers for their little princess. And luckily, all those cutesy names will match her personality during her adulthood.

Top 10 Super-sweet Names beginning with ‘A’ for Girls

If you are searching for a sweet & cute girl name starting with A, the enlisted names will definitely be good choices!

Moreover, girl names starting with the letter ‘A’ have led the pack for various years now. So, the list from CocoFinder embraces unique and cute A-names include, Aurelia, Adeline, Anastasia, Anahi, Abigail, and others. These names rank among the top 100 names for baby girls in England, America, France, and Wales.


Without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the top 10 meaningful names for your baby girl:

1. Adalynn

The name ‘Adalynn’ is another version of ‘Adeline,’ which means ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’ in French. This famous moniker of the even more noteworthy ‘Adeline’ associates the trendy ‘Ad’- prefix along with the similar modern suffix, ‘lynn.’

It is the second most pervasively used term of its offshoot, sassy ‘Adeline.’ Singer Chris Doughty named his cute daughter ‘Adalynn Rose.’ Therefore, it would be a top pick for your cutest girl!

2. Adele

If short names by CocoFinder attract you more than those original long names, ‘Adele’ is a considerable name for all the parents-to-be! Apart from being French diminutive of ‘Adelaide,’ an eminent British singer opted this name for her daughter from a pretty semi-retirement back into currency.

However, ‘Adele’ is both a royal and saint’s name, and has emerged as the top French version of the German Adela. Hence, such a cute and sweet name becomes one of the popular girl names starting with A.

3. Adley

The potential name ‘Adley’ listed on 735 in 2012 after her beautiful sister name ‘Hadley.’ So, it is a slight variation of Hadley, which means ‘God is just’ in Hebrew. After the massive popularity of ‘Adeline’ and ‘Adelaide,’ it has leapt forward and got placed in the top 1000 again.

You must be wondering if there is a promising derivative of Hadley, to name your little one! So, none other than ‘Adley’ will win your heart with its extreme meaningfulness and cuteness.

4. Adriana

The sweet name ‘Adriana’ is a cute girl name starting with A, which has a powerful Latin origin and means ‘man of Adria.’ It is a potential feminine form of ‘Adrian,’ which belongs to the Northern Italian city of Adria.
If you have powerful Italian roots, the name ‘Adriana’ will be a top-notch choice due to its sweetness. Who can’t ever forget the character in Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors?’

5. Alexa

‘Alexa’ is a short form of ‘Alexandra,’ and both of these names evolved from ancient Greek mythology. However, it is the supreme diminutive of Greek Alexandra, which means ‘defending men.’

So, the ‘-andra’ suffix is omitted and spawned a beautiful and sweet moniker ‘Alexa,’ which is a feminine phrase. It has entered the popularity list in 1973 and has been an exponentially famous choice for various decades now!

6. Alia

The name ‘Alia’ originated from Arab, and it is an Arabic feminine form of Ali, which means ‘exalted’ or ‘supreme.’ Being the most elegant and feminine term of ‘Ali,’ which is one of Allah’s most massive 99 characteristics.

The name is very popular among Muslims, Christians, and Jews. ‘Alia’ is also the name of a beautiful daughter of the actress Frank Herber’s classic fiction ‘Children of Dune.’

Lastly, it has another variation, ‘Aliyah’, whereas both of these names share a substantial similarity in meaning, which is ‘sublime.’

7. Alicia

The name ‘Alicia’ is one of the supreme Latinized versions of ‘Alice,’ and a name finally emerged from the German Adalhaidis. Being a parent of a beautiful baby girl, you may want to try out its variants like ‘Alisha,’ ‘Aleesha,’ ‘Alysha,’ and ‘Alecia.’

Who does not want their baby girls to grow up as noble women? ‘Alicia’ means ‘noble,’ and that’s why it becomes an inevitable choice of the parents. Some famous personalities naming after ‘Alicia’ are Swedish actress Alicia Vikander and Jodie Foster, whose birth name was Alicia.

8. Amelia

This sweet & cute girl’s name starting with A, ‘Amelia’, has an incredible German origin, which means ‘work.’ Apart from its ancient origin, ‘Amalia,’ ‘Amelia’ received maximum applause among parents due to its simplicity.

However, it is one of the cutest and hottest girl names to the overused ‘Amanda’ and ‘Emily.’ It has received the maximum appellation as top British girl names in 2011 and sustains the number 1 position, whereas, in the USA, it has placed in the top 10 list of baby girl names.

9. Abigail

The name ‘Abigail’ emerges from the Hebrew name ‘Avigail’ and is also evolved from the Hebrew elements ‘ab,’ which means ‘father.’ Similarly, the ‘g-y-l’ means to rejoice.

However, ‘Abigail’ was a wife of David in the Old Testament, who was extremely beautiful, sagacious, and prophetic. So, if your newborn is a photocopy of her father, let her name ‘Abigail,’ which means ‘my father is joyful.’

10. Alisson

The cute and unrivaled baby name ‘Alisson’ evolved from Scottish origin, meaning ‘noble.’ So, instead of naming your bundle of joy as ‘Alice,’ you may consider ‘Alisson.’

So, prior to acquiring popularity in medieval times, it was previously utilized as a masculine name. Therefore, your baby girl will thank you later, after understanding the significance of this cute and sweet name.

Concluding words

All these sweet and cute baby names would incredibly pair with most of the prominent surnames. So, from ‘Adelynn’ to ‘Alisson,’ CocoFinder has prudently compiled this inclusive list of cutest baby girl names that start with A.

So, what are you willing to opt for your munchkin, ‘Alexa,’ ‘Alia,’ ‘Abigail,’ or which one? All of these delicate monikers suit your baby’s personality.