Auditory perception is a purely personal matter, so there are no perfect headphones that will work just for everyone. Our ears only get sound waves, but it is our brain that processes them and builds a sound picture.

A person hears a sound in detail depending on the time spent “communicating” with quality sound. So, how to ensure that you are happy with what you hear? And how to pick headsets that will work for you?

How to Choose Headphones?

Multiple tests have shown that the sound of various headphones will be different to different people: some appreciate the bass or halftones; others may lack some sounds.

Therefore, when faced with the question of buying a headset, it is important to know what you are looking for. First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of buying tbi pro headphones at since it will determine the key characteristics of the device to attention to.


The main use cases for headsets are as follows:

  • For listening to music in good quality;
  • For use in conversations and calls;
  • For sports;
  • For gaming.

Based on the above, you can pick a headset model that serves the purpose.

What Are the Options?

Most wired headsets from different manufacturers connect seamlessly to a wide variety of devices thanks to the standard 3.5 mm jack. However, some companies make smartphones with custom connectors. So, here is what you need to know.

Determining the Design

The choice of headsets design depends a lot on how you intend to use the headphones. If you want to carry them with you in your pocket or purse, you will need compact ones, but at home, you can also use large overheads. However, the designs differ not only in size.

  • In-ear headphones – The simplest type of earbuds that can be simply inserted into the auricle. The main advantage of this type of headphone is its compact size and low cost. The main disadvantage is unreliable “fastening.” Each of us has our own anatomical features. For some people, such models will fit perfectly, while for others, they will not work. In-ear headphones do not actually isolate you from external sounds. On the other hand, listening to music in the subway or on a noisy street will be inconvenient.
  • Plugs – Their main distinctive feature of plug-in ones is that they are installed not just into the auricle but directly into the auditory canal. As a rule, the set includes several rubber seals of different sizes, so you can always choose a set with which the headphones will be attached securely and not cause discomfort. Such devices have a big advantage: due to the rubber seals, they perfectly isolate you from external noise. You can listen to music even on the subway at a low volume. The disadvantage of this type is the same good sound insulation. It is not safe to ride a bicycle or moped in in-channel models.
  • On-ear headphones – Such headphones consist of cups that are pressed against the outside of the auricles. The quality of noise isolation of on-ear headphones is highly dependent on the material of the ear cushions and the tightness of their fit.

It is quite difficult to select a god headset without testing. Therefore, we recommend that you read customer reviews and test different headphones before buying.