An Excellent Review of the Game Persona 5


Are you interested in role-Persona 5 Digging into the plot of this game, it revolves around the main character Joker who finds new powers within himself along with a couple of students and they fulfill their destiny by fending off the evil of the society, in the form of human’s subconscious desires.

Although this game may seem simple, it involves a practice that is often overlooked by players: Persona Fusion. Players may argue that this is futile and offers no real benefit and wastes their time but this is only because they don’t understand it properly. If they did, they could achieve better results in the form of rewards and an upper hand with the enemies in battle.

Stay pinned till the end to figure out all you should know about Persona 5 fusion.


How does it work?

Well, to make things simple we’ll start from the basics. Let’s explain the different types of fusions available.

1. Normal fusion: The basic fusion. Choose two personas and receive the result. This practice is helpful if you’re looking to dispose of low-level personas, without caring much for the result.

2. Advanced Fusion: The technical one. You use three or more personas to create a single result. But don’t worry you won’t stumble upon this fusion that often because it only creates strong, high-level personas.

3. Fuse by Result: Also called “hitting two birds with one stone” you can clear your inventory by stopping it from becoming a mess and create new, useful personas at one time by going for this option. It lets you review all the personas you can create from your currently equipped ones, and you can even sort them by level.

4. Network Fusion: A gamble, but it can work to your favor sometimes. You send one persona (per day) into the ether to fuse with randomly selected persona, from another player.

When and How to Fuse Personas?

This is simple. Make your way to the velvet room and use the persona fusion whenever you see your inventory of personas start to fill up with them. When you’re engaging in battles you will receive, or capture new personas but don’t throw away the old ones. Try fusing repeatedly to

1. Make room for new ones
2. Create better personas

Additionally, you can search the wild and you won’t find personas to be better than what is achieved after a fusion. Fused personas are strong, they receive experience based on your corresponding confidant levels and they level up repeatedly as soon as you fuse them.

You can also choose different attacks from the component personas to come to the new persona, making your inventory powerful.

Always fuse with the option “Fuse by result” so you have greater control over them by level. This will create a perfect situation for you, where you don’t have to bother wasting time on useless activities. Select “Fuse by the result”. Use R1 or L1 and come upon the “sort by level” page then scroll down to the persona results that match your level. Keep making your way down till you’re exhausted from results to make or until there are no useful personas left.

Just make sure you don’t rely on one persona too much, try to fuse some to create better results and don’t forget to register personas.

The first one will be done for you (automatically) but the next ones you will have to register manually.

Persona 5 is a different game altogether. While fusion may seem simple, it’s not. It’s rather hard to call it simple since there are many factors that the player needs to consider before they understand how the process works.

Therefore, one needs to understand that there are stats that come in between. With each level, your Persona will have better stats and this will come to your advantage when you’re up against enemies. These enemies will put your strength up for the challenge.

So, it is necessary to go by the right combinations and if you create a result that is not usable (due to the level of Persona) for you then your best bet is to wait patiently to use that Persona in the future.

Go through the guide of the game to understand different terminologies that partake in the game. It may get a little tough, somewhat technical but we guarantee, you’ll have fun!

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