How to Build Coming Soon Landing Page using WordPress Plugin

How to Build Coming Soon Landing Page using WordPress Plugin

Although a website is a great way to grab the attention of visitors. Even individuals migrating HTML to WordPress theme or building another interface must be known about the process. A landing page is an even better way to promote a specific product and service. With a well-designed landing page, you can easily focus all your marketing efforts on one offer and generate multiple leads comfortably. The best part about landing pages is that your visitors are focused on one action. Fortunately, creating a landing page in WordPress is easy with the help of a theme or a WordPress plugin.

Why should you create a landing page for the WordPress website?

1. No Distractions

A well-designed landing page eliminates all unnecessary distractions on the site. It means that navigation menus, social media websites, links of other sites, etc are removed. It helps visitors to focus on the advertised products/services, press the call-to-action button and take the desired action. So, the conversion rate increases up to a great extent.

2. Minimal Design

Minimal design is good for landing pages. The minimal design allows visitors to focus on the advertised product on the landing page. It makes your call to action more visible. It helps to increase conversion rate.

3. It doesn’t Require Intense Coding

The biggest advantage is that you do not need to learn intense coding skills to create landing pages. WordPress themes and plugins created specifically for landing pages help you a lot. You just need to set your favourite landing page theme and enter your own content.

The process to Create a Landing Page with WordPress plugin

The first way to create a WordPress landing page is to use the WordPress landing page plugin. There are dozens of premium and free WordPress plugins that can help in this regard. For example- WordPress Landing Pages, WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress.

1. Choose The WordPress Landing Theme

You need to choose a WordPress landing page theme for your landing page. You can find themes related to a particular industry, general and multi-purpose templates. Choose a theme as per your needs.

2. Theme Installation and Activation

You need to install and activate the theme to create a landing page for your website. To get started, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance> Themes. Click Add New and on the next page select the downloaded zip file containing your theme. Click the Download button and wait for the theme to be installed.

How to Build Coming Soon Landing Page using WordPress

Once the installation process is over, click “Activate” to make the theme of the landing page available on your site.

3. Import Demo Content

Always keep in mind that most WordPress landing page themes have the ability to import demo content. Demo content generally contains a set of pre-designed and styled pages filled with fictitious text. Demo content speeds up the process of landing page design. Go to Appearance> Import sample data. You can choose the desired demonstration from the drop-down menu or import all the parameters or individual parameters. click the Import demo data button and wait for the import to complete. Once the data import process is done, visit your website to make sure everything looks good.

4. Page Customization

Once the demo content has been imported, it’s time to style and customize your landing page. Once you have set your visual styles, replace the demo content with your own and customize the landing page. To get started, go to Pages> All Pages. Now hover the mouse over the page you want to edit and click “Edit using WPBakery Page Builder”.

After downloading the frontend editor, edit existing controls by clicking on the various controls that are displayed when you hover over a page. For example- tap Line Settings to change the background photo in the header area and pencil icon to make changes. Furthermore, to change text, all you need to do is click on the text you want to edit. To add more items to the page, click the + icon at the top. You can add more rows and columns, contact forms, sliders and other elements as per your needs.

Final Words

Creating a landing page on WordPress is not as difficult as it sounds when you have the right tools for it. Following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily create a landing page for your WordPress website and sell more products and services comfortably.

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