Everybody is talking about how VR and augmented reality is the next big thing in education, and they will revolutionize teaching and learning completely. Still, VR headsets and AR technologies are not yet easily accessible to everybody, so, let’s examine some simpler ways that are readily available and that teachers can enhance the classroom experience for students without having the education establishment to pay for all of the incredibly pricey VR headsets and other supplementary technology.

Google Chrome is undeniably the most popular web browser out there, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a no-nonsense, easy-to-use web browser with which you can access just about any HTML web page that can be found on the world wide web and also read an impressive amount of document files. Nonetheless, its usefulness for the classroom doesn’t come out of the browser’s standard feature – the place where it really shines is the countless, user-added extensions.

Chrome has over 200 thousand extensions, all thanks to its utterly enormous userbase. Of course, not all extensions are useful in the classroom, but a neatly selected pick of apps can enhance the teaching experience for the tutor and the learning experience for the students. Sometimes even services which offer their customers to buy college essays create extensions that are helpful in the studying process. Here are our top educational Google Chrome extensions.


Research Enhancers

The research process on open Chrome can be excruciatingly slow and annoying due to the endless web ads and tons of information. These applications are designed to simplify the tutor’s research process by neatly storing notes and organizing information.


Wish you could highlight phrases and sentences on websites and additionally store your commentary? This extension allows you to do just that. It will store everything you want to say in a convenient way and will load it up as soon as you enter the page again.

Mercury Reader

Many obscure websites are just filled with filler content, which includes numerous web advertisements, improperly sized images, and other unrelated content. This extension allows you to get rid of all that, leaving on the page just the contents that you need for the research.


This application is a must on computers, as it eliminates almost every manifestation of ads on the web. AdBlock is one of the most popular extensions out there: from country to country, more than a quarter of all internet users employ this extension. It is because of how great it removes the cluttered spam ads from the web pages.

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Time Savers

Are you familiar with the situation where the tutor is trying to find something online but can’t do it for about 10 minutes before giving up? The extensions below deal with such awkward situations by delivering convenience and ease of management of the countless web pages.

Google Drive

With this extension, you can easily save to your personal (or working) Google cloud drive just about anything that can be found on the Internet. It’s incredibly handy and quick. Additionally, the web-based drive itself is an incredibly useful thing, as all you need to access it is some device with a connection to the Internet.

Office Suite

Need to create Microsoft Office documents quickly, but you don’t have the full desktop version installed? This extension allows people to view and interact with Office files and also create them. Of course, the range of actions is limited, but it’s enough in a lot of situations, even for an academic paper writer.

Focus To-Do

Need to manage your projects and tasks neatly? This application is a great task manager that will eliminate the possibility of you forgetting something. It employs a cool time tracking technique – Pomodoro: it counts every 25 minutes you’ve been focusing and alerts you that you can take a small break every period.


So many websites and so many passwords: how do you even go about remembering all of them? Well, that is where a lot of people go wrong. This extension saves and stores the passwords for the corresponding websites, making the authentication process easy and pain-free.

Classroom Cooperation

How to create a normal learning environment for students during distance education? The apps below make life easier for the students by allowing the tutor to do some smart manipulations with the Chrome web browser.


This extension is very much similar to Liner, with the main difference being that this one lets whole groups of people collaborate and brainstorm ideas and concepts on any page of the web. Groups of people can creatively use articles to share their highlights, comments, and notes in real-time over the web.

Google Hangout

Here’s a pitch: stop using Zoom! It’s an inconvenient piece of software that has numerous security issues. If you want the same range of features and more, then utilize Google Hangout, and your conferences won’t be hijacked by some hacker.

Online Education

The Right Extension for You

The Google Chrome Store is a great place to discover new apps that will do just the thing you wanted. So, don’t stop with the extensions in the article and explore the different creations of the Google Chrome creations. You will surely be able to find something that will boost your productivity in unexpected ways.