Bad accommodation can ruin an entire family vacation, so it’s normal to put a lot of thought into choosing the best hotels for your family while on vacation.

According to the hospitality team at Blackfin Resort, a hotel in Marathon, FL; “Most people who book hotel stays are looking for the perfect balance of warmth, amenities, and hospitality.” Parents traveling with families often insist on finding accommodations with certain qualities to ensure the family has a nice comfortable stay. Here are some important attributes to look out for before booking a hotel stay for your family.

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1. Sleeping Configurations

A sole traveler can afford to book a hotel room over the phone without asking too many questions. However, someone traveling with the family has to make sure that the beds are the right kind. It’s important to decide before booking a hotel, what kinds of beds family members will be sleeping on. If you’re traveling with more than one kid, it’s a great idea to book rooms with family-sized beds or beds with protective rails so that the kids don’t roll off the bed at night. It’s also important to find out whether the room has a pull-out couch, in case someone ends up needing additional sleeping space.

If you’re traveling with a baby, you may want to find out if the hotel can provide a playpen or crib. Some families with babies travel around with their playpen but some hotels also provide this if notified on time.

Another important factor to consider when making sleeping arrangements is whether the entire family would be sharing one sleeping area. Since kids generally have an earlier bedtime than adults, you may want to book a separate bedroom for the kids so that their bedtime routine is not disrupted while on vacation. Ask if the hotel has any connecting bedrooms, this way the two bedrooms will be separated by a connecting door in the middle and this door can be shut whenever someone requires privacy. If you don’t want separate rooms, you can book a room with a balcony or living room so that other family members can go on with their planned holiday night activities while the younger ones have a daytime nap or sleep at night.

2. Find Places with Amenities for Families

One of the most important factors that decide the best choice for family vacations is amenities. This is because it is not just enough to find a hotel room where everyone can sleep at night, you also want one where every family member can enjoy activities during the day. This could be as simple as booking a room in a resort that also has a heated pool, a gym, and a private beach.

Preferred amenities would typically depend on the ages of the family members. Families with young kids might want to ask about kid-friendly pools and babysitting services. Families with teenagers may prefer accommodations with game rooms, WI-FI,and cinemas. A couple traveling together with no kids may prefer to look out for a hotel with a nice bar, a good spa for relaxation, private beaches, shows, etc.

3. Location is Everything

Your choice of a location while on vacation may be the determining factor as to whether you enjoy your time away or not. Your choice of location should generally depend on the reason for your family vacation. If you’re a fun-seeking family, you may want to stay as close to the heart of the city as possible. Places close to the city center may be a bit more expensive than average, however, you’ll love their proximity to everything, e.g. transportation, good restaurants, etc.

However, if you’re a family seeking quiet and tranquility on your vacation, you may want to stay away from the heart of the city. This means you may want to rent a car on your way from the airport because a place in the suburbs may not have easy access to public transportation. In return, you’ll get peace and tranquility on your vacation.

4. Consider How to Feed the Family

If you’re a family with kids then you know how important it is to live in a place with easy access to food. If you are on a budget, you may not want to order food from the hotel room service each time someone gets hungry, this means that you may want to get accommodation where you can make your own meals or one where you can go out to eat at nearby restaurants.


A few important considerations to make while booking a family vacation spot include sleeping arrangements, location, amenities, and proximity to food. Booking the wrong type of accommodation on a family trip could ruin the fun for everyone.