With the dreaded virus now under control, economies are opening to their pre-pandemic levels. One key sector that suffered greatly during the prolonged lockdowns was tourism — which, fortunately, is beginning to heal once again.

Are you trying to take a break this festive and holiday season? If yes, this guide is for you.

Of all the tourist attractions, Florida packs quite a great experience of them all. The southern US state continues to be the second-most visited in terms of total inflows, courtesy of its sublime beaches, theme parks, and great exotic coastal food.

While the state is dotted with a bunch of great (and well-known) attractions, most notably the city of Miami, here’s presenting a guide about a hidden gem not many know about — the island of Key West.

Florida Keys vacation rentals

Key West, about 160 miles from Miami, is otherwise known as the southernmost city of the contiguous United States. A well-known cruise destination, the island is moderately popular for vacations.

Top things to do in Key West

This bite-sized island has a lot of things to keep your vacation busy — from sunbathing on its sandy beaches to adventure sports like scuba diving. Here are some notable things you can do to make the most out of this exotic and island paradise:

Taking a stroll down the Mallory Square, Key West

Mallory Square is one of the city’s prime attractions — and a great place to start your vacation on the island. It’s a waterfront plaza overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and is known for its dreamy, romantic sunsets. Evenings on the Mallory Square often house grand exhibits of arts, magic, culture, and food — a tradition that has continued since the mid-twentieth century.

Harry S. Truman Winter White House

For those that are history/military buffs, the island has a lot to offer. This teeny-tiny island once housed an instrumental World War II naval station. Constructed in 1890, this prime business/political retreat served as the headquarters of the Navy during the Spanish-American war.

While the venue continues to be an official guesthouse, a part of it has now been turned into a public museum. It houses many history bytes relating to President Truman and his visits to the island, and the country’s naval history.

Going out fishing in the blue waters

Fishing is one of the key attractions of the island. With a thriving marine ecosystem and its dreamy blue waters, you can earn yourself quite a catch.

If you don’t know how to fish — well, you can always look for some help. The private fishing charters are your guide to learning how to fish. Of course, there’s a first time for everything, and you can always come back to doing it yourself the second time.  

These charters are your best bet to boating adventures into the coves and unknown bays of Key West Island.

The Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Key West

If you’re a nature lover and a fan of all things wildlife — you’re going to love this place. The conservatory houses some of the most exotic and rare species of butterfly, as well as some species of tropical birds.

The humid habitat of the Keys, combined with a serene oasis makes this place a butterfly paradise. There’s also a booming plant life with flowers and a flower garden.


Dry Tortugas National Park

If you’ve followed us all along, you’re probably aware of the historical significance of this little island. It served as one of America’s most premier stations for naval offensives during the Spanish War and the World Wars.

The Dry Tortugas National Park houses a 19th-century fort known as Jefferson. The park is a group of islands and reefs — and is both a historical and natural wonder. You can dive into the crystal blue waters to visit the teeming marine life or go sightseeing with the migratory tropical birds.

Visiting the Vandenberg

One of the US Navy’s former ships, the Vandenberg, was sunk around the island intentionally in 2009. The plan was to create and study an artificial coral reef. The spot is a popular submerged tourist destination around the island and is a prominent historical artifact now preserved into creating a marine ecosystem.

Trying the unique, exotic seafood

Of course, a vacation is no vacation without trying out the local cuisine. After all that sightseeing, it’s now time to learn a thing or two about the local food.


Key West is a paradise for seafood lovers. Many from Florida and around flock to the island only for trying out its freshest and exquisite fish, shrimps, crabs, and lobsters. When on the island, you’d like to treat yourself to a once-in-a-life opportunity to try out the best seafood on the planet.

Seafood and beaches complement each other after all!