The excursions, trips and tourism in general are being reactivated for the joy of adventurers and excursions’s lovers, and of course the beaches and all the activities that revolve around them are also part of the recovery of the sector. It is now possible, among other things, to rent a boat and explore Barcelona’s coastline – it’s time to indulge yourself.

With the reactivation of the economy in all its sectors, tourism is beginning to gain strength in the various activities it develops, among which those related to the sea stand out. Boat hire Barcelona is part of the tourist offer that is once again gaining momentum in recent days.

Renting a sailboat, yacht or catamaran is now possible thanks to the specialized companies that have resumed their functions and offer a variety of boats for those who wish to spend a few days in Barcelona and enjoy the pleasure of doing so by boat.

But boats are not only rented for sightseeing, they are also the perfect way to celebrate a stag or hen party, weddings, special events, corporate parties and so many other activities.

How to rent a boat?

To find the boat you want, adjusted to your needs and budget, you just have to search the internet on web platforms specialized in this area, which offer boats from their own stock or put you in contact with those who rent them.

Fortunately, in Barcelona there are very good agencies dedicated to the rental of yachts, sailboats, catamarans and all kinds of boats to suit any taste or requirement. All of them are in excellent condition and have all the legal requirements to be able to operate without any kind of inconvenience.

Getting what you want is very easy, you just have to enter the website of the appropriate company, check the publications they make, choose the boat that suits you best and book. It’s as easy as that.

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Ways to rent a boat

There are many ways to rent a boat to enjoy from a day trip to full days and go out to sea for an exciting holiday. You can even rent by the hour for short half-day trips. There are no excuses for missing out on the opportunity to enjoy a boat for as long as you like.

Also, if you have the experience and the corresponding legal permits, you can rent the boat without a skipper; but if you don’t even know where the stern is, don’t worry, the agencies have highly qualified staff to provide you with the complete service and take you wherever you wish.

The options are diverse and tailored to what you need, including your budget. Whether you want a yacht for a week or just a few hours, just check the availability and packages offered by the companies.

What to do with a chartered boat in Barcelona

The possibilities for fun and having a good time on a chartered boat are vast, just cruising along the coast in a comfortable catamaran or on a speed boat is an adventure in itself. But you can do so much more:

Spectacular parties: what could be more fun than celebrating your birthday on a yacht and inviting your closest friends? You’re sure to have the party of a lifetime that no one will be able to stop talking about.

Unforgettable trips: touring the Costa Brava and stopping at some of its beaches to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the sun is priceless. It is an experience that builds beautiful memories never to be forgotten.

Participate in regattas: if the sporting spirit drives your life, you can rent a catamaran or sailboat and compete in one of the many regattas that are organized along the coasts of Barcelona.

In short, there is no greater pleasure than renting a comfortable boat to enjoy with your family, partner or friends the freedom of setting sail and forgetting about everything. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t think twice, go to Barcelona and live the adventure.