Car accidents still happen in the United States despite new advances in vehicle technology, such as adaptive headlights, backup cameras, and forward collision systems. Whether minor or severe, Roswell motor vehicle accident injury can drastically change a person’s life. No one ever foresees a car accident, but the unexpected happens on the roads. Even minor accidents can result in severe injuries that require years of therapy. Besides physical injuries, car accidents can also affect the victims psychologically. Regardless of the type of accident, many auto accident victims cannot resume their everyday activities. Below are the common types of motor vehicle accidents.

Neck injuries


Your head supports the weight of your head and is a flexible part of your body that is susceptible to injuries. All types of auto accidents can cause neck injuries, the most common injuries where a vehicle is rear-ended. Such injuries mainly cause severe whiplash and neck strain injuries. Car accidents can also result in severe neck injuries, including damaged cervical discs and neck dislocation. The unexpected jerking back and forth of your head and neck during high or low speed often results in whiplash and neck strains. When your neck is pulled back and forth, the soft tissues, including muscles and ligaments, are strained to stretch beyond their normal range of motion, causing excruciating pain.

These injuries are usually not visible and can be challenging to prove. They can take months to heal and may cause chronic neck pain. Without treatment, neck injuries limit your head and neck motion and may cause vision problems.

Scars and disfiguration

Scarring and disfigurement usually result from accidents where chemicals spill, glass shatters, and fire breaks out. Victims of such accidents often sustain burns on the face and torso, which can cause deep scarring. These disfiguring scars alter a person’s appearance and can be devastating to an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Deep scars often require reconstructive and plastic surgery and may never completely fade away. These injuries may limit someone‚Äôs ability to secure work in the future; this is especially true if the victim is in a customer or audience-fronted position.

Scars can also result in long-term mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, affecting the quality of life. If a scar contracts as it heals, it may limit movement in the affected area. Scars can also grow into a large raised area or keloid, and they can easily get infected during the healing process.


What Is A Personal Injury And What Can You Expect After An Accident

Fractures or broken bones are common in severe car accidents, such as when a vehicle rolls over or in a head-on collision. This type of injury is dangerous since it can cause several internal injuries that are difficult to treat. For example, victims with broken ribs can also have punctured lungs. You can break any bone in your body during a car accident; this includes your ribs, limbs, or spine. Medical evaluation is necessary to treat fractures and any potentially related injuries.

If you have further questions about motor vehicle injuries, consult your Apex Spine & Neurosurgery specialist.