Fat may not only affect your physical appearance and body figure, but it may also undermine your health. The fat tissues on the lower half of the body have fewer medical issues; however, the stomach area bears a lot of health risks, including cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

HPOXI therapy training includes a combination of structured diet and exercises under a controlled environment to increase blood circulation in the body. During each session, HYPOXI machines increase blood flow to all areas of the body; thus, increasing the metabolism of fat in the blood.

HYPOXI training makes your body work smarter, not harder. It naturally supercharges your body’s fat-burning metabolic system and is more effective than regular exercise when it comes to targeted fat loss.

How Does HYPOXI Helps Fight Against Cardio Vascular Diseases?

HYPOXI is not only used for body sculpting, as it has other therapeutic effects like reducing obesity and hypertension by targeting stubborn fat areas like lower abdominal area and thighs. HYPOXI not only reduces fat and cellulite, but it also improves blood circulation, which is beneficial against cardiovascular diseases.

Following are some of the ways HYPOXI can help you fight against cardiovascular diseases and keep you healthy:

Reduction in Obesity

It is a common fact that with balanced nutrition and regular exercise, you can lose weight and live a healthy life. However, when it comes to targeted weight loss, exercise, or diet alone won’t be of any help. Lipoedema is a medical condition in which fat is irregularly distributed in the body, usually in lower abdominal area and legs. Almost 11% of women worldwide are affected by this tissue disorder.

At first, this becomes a cosmetic concern that soon develops into other health risks, including massive pain in the joints, and in most cases, this condition is mistaken for normal obesity. However, with proper consultation from HYPOXI CENTERS NEAR YOU, you can get this condition treated by target therapy. Following are some of the techniques involved in HYPOXI Therapy:

  • Vacuum Therapy:

This technique is similar to ancient cupping therapy. In this technique, targeted fat areas of the body are stimulated by applying low pressure. This breaks up fat bodies, making it easier for the body to dissolve fat cells.

  • Compression Therapy:

In this technique, high pressure is applied to the fat tissues to increase blood circulation. It activates tissues in the targeted fat areas and disintegrates fat cells. It then accelerated transport of fatty acids from these areas to use for energy.

  • Fat Burning Exercises:

Moderate training accompanied with pressure therapy stimulates fat burning by using these fatty acids for energy.

Research shows that fat tends to accumulate in areas with poor blood circulation. With HYPOXI training, your blood circulation will increase, thus improving oxygen supply to cells. This way, the body will eliminate fat in areas that were previously experiencing poor blood circulation.


These techniques, in combination, result in fat loss from the problem areas. With proper diet and regular HYPOXI training, you can achieve your desired results within weeks.

Reduction in Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition where you experience long-term high blood pressure, in which blood pressure in your arteries is always high. Some of the major causes of hypertension are:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Lack of any form of physical activity
  • Stress

Before taking medication, consider consulting an HYPOXI Dubai based expert because lifestyle plays a vital role in treating high blood pressure. These treatments can help in lowering your blood pressure down to safer levels. The HYPOXI training makes your heart stronger with proper blood circulation so that a healthier heart can pump blood with less effort. Therefore, pressure on your arteries decreases, lowing hypertension.

Aging is also associated with progressive hypertension, leading to increased risks of cardiovascular heart diseases. However, with proper utilization of HYPOXI training, you cannot only decrease your blood pressure but generate muscle mass and increase strength and endurance, thus enhancing the overall well-being of the elderly.

Similarly, HYPOXI training is efficient in reducing arterial stiffness and blood pressure by increasing blood circulation. Therefore, HYPOXI training induces a greater reduction in blood pressure as compared to regular training, which is relevant for the reduction of cardiovascular health risks.

HYPOXI – The Most Targeted Method for A Healthy Life

Obesity not only undermines your self-esteem, but it has severe side effects on your health. High blood pressure paired with shortness of breath and fat clogged arteries lead to heart attacks or strokes. So a flat stomach and a toned body is not only an aesthetic question, but it may end up changing your whole life for good.

Don’t waste time sitting around on your couch and consult HYPOXI Dubai based experts to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and lead a good life. Say no to heart attacks!

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