Are you scheduled to do a urine drug test? Whether it is a mandatory test for entry to a profession or simply a routine drug test for an organization undoubtedly, you will want to pass it.

Even if you do not do drugs you can fail a drug test. You may be wondering how that can be possible.

There are certain foods that when ingested before a drug test will make you appear to be abusing substances. In order to avoid the embarrassment of being tested positive, you need to be aware of the foods to avoid before a urine drug test. Here is a look.

1. Bagels and Cakes with Poppy Seeds

If you are a bagel lover, you should be aware that eating the ones with poppy seeds is likely to trigger a positive result on your urine drug test. This is because poppy seeds contain traces of opiates.

These opiates can linger in your bloodstream for as long as two days and you are likely to test positive within thirty minutes of consumption.

2. Stay Away From Granola Bars

Some granola bars are likely to contain traces of hemp. This is the same substance that can be found in marijuana.

There are certain flavors that are more prone to containing hemp seeds than others, these are Honey Mustard, Thai Sweet Chilli, and Honey Smoked Bar-b-que. If you must eat granola bars ensure that you only eat the ones with fruits or nuts before a drug test.

3. Pain Killers and Herbal Supplements

If you find yourself experiencing any kind of pain before a drug test you should avoid taking ibuprofen. Many people have taken this medication right before a drug test and have tested positive for marijuana.

If you use herbal supplements made from kratom to reduce symptoms of alcohol withdrawal you need to buy a kratom drug test as it is very likely you will test positive for kratom.

4. The Link Between Cocoa Tea and Cocaine

You may have had coco tea at some point in your life. It is a warm, delicious drink that is perfect for wintertime. However, you should avoid drinking this kind of tea right before you have your urine drug test.

If you do decide to have a cup it is very likely that you will test positive for cocaine metabolites. The traces of cocaine metabolites don’t take long to appear, once you drink the tea, in as little as two hours you will test positive for cocaine use.

Final Tips on Foods to Avoid Before a Urine Drug Test

If you are about to take a Urine Drug Test you need to know the foods to avoid before a urine drug test. If you don’t you can test positive for drugs.

Drug addiction

Needless to say, this can be very embarrassing especially when you know that you are not guilty. Make a note of the foods you should not eat before the test in order to avoid any issues.

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