Staying fit and healthy should definitely be one of your fitness life goals. A healthy lifestyle comes with numerous benefits. When you keep fit and healthy some of the potential benefits include decreased dementia risk, feeling good, decreased osteoporosis risk, improved sex life, prevention of muscle loss, improved digestion, and many more.

Fitness Goals 101: 7 Pillars of Fitness to A Healthy Life

Having seen a few of the advantages of remaining fit and healthy in life it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the key pillars of fitness.

1. Healthy Intake Of Food

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There is a high chance that the changing lifestyles and increased processed foods production may have led you to adopt a shifting and unhealthy dietary pattern. Meaning you tend to consume a lot of foods that are richly packed with fats, salt and sugars which can significantly compromise your health.

For achieving a healthy life you should instead adopt a nutritional intake of food. Such a diet involves eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, etc. Then again you should also avoid the consumption of excess fats, calories, sodium and sugars.

Good nutrition acts as the first line of defence against numerous diseases. Make sure that the combination of foods you eat has all the nutrients and appropriate amount that your body needs for healthy functioning.

2. Taking Protein Powder

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Protein powder is ideal in supporting fitness and healthy lifestyle goals such as getting lean, weight loss and enhancing body strength and endurance. The use of protein powder is no longer a preserve of bodybuilders who for example use pre workout protein for improvement of athletic performance. If you are conscious about your health then you should include protein powder in your diet.

One of the main advantages a protein powder has over rich protein foods is that it is often readily available. Because of your active lifestyle and demanding schedules, it may be challenging for you to get the right quantity of protein from your diet. In contrast protein powder opportunely can provide your body with the nutrients needed.

When looking for protein supplements quality is an essential factor to consider. Ensure the supplement is of high-quality and devoid of unhealthy ingredients such as sugars.

3. Daily Exercise

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Often when you hear about physical exercise it is easier to feel intimidated as you think it involves intense gym workouts which is not entirely true. You only need to ensure that you keep yourself as active as possible. Your body needs to be subjected to a movement for about 20 minutes or 30 minutes daily and exercise at least three to five times every week.

A daily exercise may involve walking, doing household chores, swimming, etc. Having a routine for training can be beneficial in terms of improving your lifespan, enhancing bone density and lowering disease risk. Take it from the many sports enthusiasts you will encounter on Total Shape fitness plans.


4. Yoga


When you maintain yoga practice regularly you can be sure of benefiting your mental and physical health. Yoga is a particular workout type that is all about focusing on the natural tendency of your body towards healing itself. The purpose of this wellness approach is to develop and maintain the mind and body consciousness, strength and coordination.

Though there are different yoga techniques and practices to be performed the good news is that the benefits are the same. Some of the benefits of yoga include reduction of weight, increased flexibility, improved ability to concentrate, etc.

5. Positive Thinking

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Having a positive thinking attitude means instead of being a pessimist you are an optimist and it is not easy to be a positive thinker overnight. To eventually have a mind-frame that thinks positively that takes a lot of time and practice.

There are many ways to achieving a positive and optimistic mindset. For instance, you need to be always open to laughing, occasionally check your thoughts, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and have supportive people around.

Being optimistic has several advantages to your health like lowering depression rates, improving common cold resistance, and better safeguard against cardiovascular disease.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Enhancing Sleep With Exercise

Sleep deprivation has been linked to an array of health risks such as depression and cardiovascular disease. As well usually if you do not get enough sleep there is a tendency to eat more especially junk food.

Your sleeping duration ideally should be about seven or eight hours. Characteristics of quality and deep sleep include being asleep more than 85% of the total sleep duration and falling asleep within 30 minutes.

7. Drink Enough Water


The availability of water in your body is essential for normal working. Water plays a more significant role in your body in terms of oxygen and nutrients transportation throughout your body, waste removal, and performing other bodily roles like cooling.

Water is expelled from your body through different ways such as sweating and urination and hence there is a need for regular water replenishing in your body. As an adult you should consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day according to health authorities to prevent dehydration.

In Conclusion

As you have seen there are various ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle. It is equally vital that you should not forget that another crucial pillar for health and fitness is having enough rest. It is recommended that you should at least spend 10 minutes daily resting, away from TV or phone.