Are you struggling with hair loss and wondering how to eliminate it quickly? It’s normal to feel frustrated when your hair begins to thin, but don’t worry; there are luckily some things you can do right now that could help. If you have been looking for an immediate remedy or medication for hair loss to help put a pause on your shedding woes, here are simple ways to stop hair fall and bring back the volume:

hair fall

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Eat Extra Protein

Hairs are made of protein, and it’s no surprise that the lack of it in your diet can affect hair growth and volume. It is because they usually contain keratin, a very important mineral and building block for strong hairs. If you have been experiencing hair loss due to malnutrition and are now looking for solutions to stop hair fall, an easy way to get a lot of protein is in your food. Great sources include milk products like yogurt, eggs, fish, cheese, and meat like pork.

Avoid Stress

Keeping stress levels to a minimum equates to maintaining healthy hair. Stress causes your body to produce the hormone cortisol, which speeds up cell division, encouraging hair growth and thickening your existing hair strands. Unfortunately, it can also damage your system, causing many health problems. Hair loss is one of them, so if you are under a lot of stress, it’s best to develop ways to stop hair fall and maintain good health simultaneously.

Try Low-level Laser Light Therapy

It is a treatment option if you have been experiencing hair loss due to severe stress. Low-level laser light therapy stimulates the scalp and promotes the production of healthy new cells. Since hair follicles are underneath the skin’s surface, this treatment is non-invasive and gentle enough that anyone can use it without pain or discomfort. The beam of light illuminates your scalp, which then increases blood circulation, prompting an increase of oxygen, nutrients, and other important elements for promoting hair growth.

Consume Plenty of Water

Very often, hair loss starts as a result of dehydration. Dehydration causes your hair to become dry, resulting in lackluster locks, and ultimately damages the follicles, making it impossible for new hairs to sprout out. Aside from reducing hair fall, drinking plenty of water also prevents other health issues, such as dark circles under your eyes and constipation. So try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to help prevent future hair loss.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can help you fight your stress, improve your body and health and boost your hair growth. However, ensure you do the exercises sparingly, as this may cause even more stress and problems. Slowly building up your cardio routine each week, going for a walk during lunch break, or looking at other activities you can do to stay fit can help with the fight against hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp.

Moisturize Your Hair

Frequent washing, brushing, and exposing your hair to the sun can make it brittle and coarse. To help stop unwanted hair problems, use a good product to keep it soft and supple, and then take good care of it by doing regular conditioning, massaging, and trimming.

Increase Your Intake of Zinc

Zinc is an element that is essential for the production of new hair cells and also supports the skin and scalp. Unfortunately, zinc is something that most people do not get enough of in their diets. However, you can take supplements or increase your consumption of foods rich in zinc and iron, like eggs, green beans, and lean beef.


Everyday triggers such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, and lifestyle factors like stress or malnutrition can affect the volume of our hair. That’s why it’s important to address any underlying causes for hair fall and to look into external solutions that might curb the effects and stop it from getting worse.

All of these remedies for hair loss can help with the prevention and treatment of hair loss. Unfortunately, this is not a quick fix; it will take time to see results, but if you struggle with hair loss, keep hope! Running out of money to pay for treatments or medications may only worsen the problem, so try some of these tips today to rehabilitate your hair follicles.