Whenever we want to make a change in life, we have to address our beliefs first. If we believe that we simply can’t find the time to join a gym, we won’t audit habits to see which ones can be substituted with a new activity. Essentially, our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes play a key role in shaping our physical health.

But, if we take a step forward to change one belief, it will change our attitude and propel us towards a healthy mindset. We’ve compiled a list of actionable tips to help you cultivate a different outlook for a healthier life.

Understand that you have all the power

Acknowledging the power of the right mindset is the first step towards change. Your thoughts influence your actions, and your actions influence your well-being. Recognise the connection between your thoughts and your well-being, and recognise the potential for transformation. Transformations are often simple, we just need to know which steps to repeat consistently.

Set realistic goals

Let’s say that you want to lose weight. You’ll have to change your lifestyle habits, change your diet and start exercising. It sounds like a lot, all at once, doesn’t it? That’s why you must break this big goal into smaller, realistic ones.

Especially if you haven’t exercised before, a realistic goal would be to stick to a routine of three workouts per week and build consistency. Adopt the same approach for any other goal you have by simply breaking it down into smaller, realistic and achievable goals. 

Educate yourself about nutrition

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If you want to change your beliefs regarding your health, you need to learn more about the elements that contribute to your health. Knowledge is power when it comes to nutrition. Learn about nutrition, why we need to eat a versatile diet and why we need to eat as healthily as possible. Seek information from reputable sources to stay informed about the food you eat. When you have the right knowledge, you’ll make informed decisions.

Also, you’ll learn to make decisions that align with your health goals.

Seek professional guidance when needed

One of the limiting beliefs we have is thinking that we need to do everything on our own. But the opposite is true. Knowing when to seek professional guidance is a sign of self-care and a new mindset.

Professionals at Free Your Body can help you find the right balance, adopt a different mindset, change your attitude towards your health and teach you how to rely on naturopathic principles to support your health. Experts like nutritionists, naturopaths, or mental health professionals will provide personalised advice to support your health journey.

Embrace a growth mindset

We can either have a growth mindset (I can do this) or a fixed mindset (I can’t do this, I don’t have the skills, I’m not talented enough, etc). Adopting a growth mindset involves seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. When you see a challenge as an opportunity, you’ll instantly shift your mindset, and as a result, it will impact any health-related decisions. 

Work on your mental health


Mindset and mental health can’t grow without each other. When you are mentally strong, you can recognise behaviour patterns that don’t serve you. For example, when you eat too much sugar, you’ll recognise this pattern, and you’ll rely on your mental health to stick to a decision to eat less sugar. You’ll stay committed to your goal and change your attitude towards food by changing your mindset. 

Challenge negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are a major burden, and they can hinder or prevent any progress from happening. The easiest way to challenge a negative thought is by asking if this thought is true. Challenge each thought and reframe it into a different, positive thought that is true. 

Stick to those who support your new mindset

Whether we want to admit it or not, the people we spend time with can impact our beliefs, thoughts, actions or even inaction.

If you want to succeed with your new goals, you need to surround yourself with supportive people. Stick to those who encourage and motivate you to persevere on your mindset transformation journey.

If you’re pursuing better health, you should embrace the power of the right mindset. Mindset and discipline are the keys to doing the work, even if you don’t feel motivated.

So, set realistic goals, stick to the growth mindset, question your negative thoughts, ask for help when needed and surround yourself with people who support you.