Your feet are crucial to your health. Although they are often overlooked since they are always in shoes or boots, you have to constantly monitor and take care of your feet so you don’t have any trouble walking. Make sure your feet have proper hygiene, such as showering and cleaning your feet every day, so that you don’t have any concerning health problems – such as foot fungus.

Even though we don’t like to think about foot fungus, since it can be unsightly and troubling to treat on your own, you can use all-natural remedies that are effective in curing the fungus and leading to healthy and happy feet!

The main benefits of treating foot fungus

Foot fungus and toenail fungi are very common nail and foot conditions that affect millions of people across the world. Fungal nail infections are common and can occur for various reasons, causing a buildup of molds, fungi, and yeasts. This typically occurs after these organisms find a place of cracked skin, broken nail, or open sore that can lead to an infection.


If you find this is happening to you, you must find an all-natural treatment method so your feet do not suffer any longer. Here are some all-natural methods that are beneficial in treating toenail and foot fungus.

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Weekly maintenance

One of the best preventative methods of foot fungus is weekly maintenance. This simply involves trimming and filing your toenails once per week to avoid overgrowth and ripped nails. Clip your toenails to relieve pressure on the nails and your toes so you can walk without any discomfort.

Clean socks and shoes

The third method of treating toenail and foot fungus is clean socks and shoes. If you keep on dirty socks for multiple days in a row, this can lead to the fast growth of unwanted foot fungus. Make sure you wash athletic shoes and sweaty socks in hot water to kill bacteria and prevent yeast formation.

Hydrogen peroxide

You can also use hydrogen peroxide as an all-natural solution to foot and toe fungus. Use hydrogen peroxide directly on your infected toes or toenails with a cotton swab or as a foot soak, mixing the peroxide with cool water and using it for 20 minutes once per day.

Black tea

The final natural solution you can use for foot fungus is black tea. Soak your feet in black tea for 30 minutes to enjoy the healing properties of tannic acid that help kill the bacteria in your toenails and foot.


If you find that you have a nasty fungal infection on your feet or your toenails, consider using PureHealth Research and PureHealth supplements to help avoid any buildup of fungus. You can also pair the PureHealth supplements with weekly maintenance of your feet, clean socks, and shoes, hydrogen peroxide, or black tea to prevent any unwanted fungus!