Every year you find yourself surprised at the fashion trends that emerge. Sometimes an old trend comes full circle, and other times a new style is introduced to make a statement.

Sneaker styles are especially exciting to follow along on.

No matter what direction sneaker fashion goes, you’re ready to try it out. From chunky kicks to minimalist styles, sneaker fashion can be unpredictable, but that’s part of what makes it exciting.

It’s time to start strutting the best sneaker colors of the year. But which colors are at the top of the trends? Find out which sneaker designs you should be looking out for this year right here.

Pastel Hues

Playful Sneakers Trends for Kids

For the fans of rainbows and soft tones, pastel sneakers are stepping onto the fashion scene. From single-tone shoes to color-blocking and patterns, pastel sneakers are a fun way to add a dash of color to any outfit.

Pastel colors are especially fitting for anyone looking to sport 90s or 2000s fashion styles. Look for shades like sage, peach, or rose to be featured on the top pastel sneaker trends.

Clean and Simple

A reliable trend that just keeps getting better is clean-cut, single-toned sneakers. Typically sold in black or white, these shoes may look minimalist, but they still make a statement.

Grayscale shades are also a great option for anyone looking to take their sneaker fashion from the streets straight to the office. You won’t be breaking the dress code, but you’ll still look fly.

Pop of Color

On the other end of the color spectrum, sneakers with bold pops of color are still among the more popular sneaker trends. The top designer shoes usually incorporate an eye-catching design that’s bound to attract attention.

If you’re eager to start searching for your next pair of kicks, you can start your hunt with these great choices.

Vintage Florals

While that outdated flower pattern may not look cool on your grandma’s wallpaper, vintage florals are a trendy pattern making a comeback on the top sneaker styles.

You can sport a faded style that’s reminiscent of your grandma’s wallpaper, or you can try out a brighter pattern with a less apparent vintage feel.

Retro Shades


Once the 70s and 80s fashion trends made their way back into modern fashion, they never really got old again. After all, that era is full of classic styles and color palettes.

So it’s no surprise that retro sneakers are back in style. If you want to go for a more daring shade, try sporting neon colors on your sneakers.

Trendy Sneaker Colors for 2021

No matter what sneaker trend you choose to get with this year, you’ll be making a statement. All you have to do is find the sneaker colors that best mix with your current style, and you’re good to go.

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