Yes, image optimization efficiently assists in improving the page speed and even also enhancing the user experience at a great extent of level. Experts depicted that it is the most obvious on-page SEO technique that entirely impact the ranking of your web-page. Also, once the image ranks well through-out the image search section of Google, there is lots of possibility to attain organic sessions to your site. This means it is the significant way to increase the traffic contribution from organic search.

Experts revealed that SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format can improve your sites SEO in more efficient ways than user experience. So, replace your regular PNG’s with SVG, you could convert PNG to SVG with the help of an online assistance of PNG to SVG converter.

Well, in this informative context, we are going to discuss some effective tips that will assists you with image SEO.

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Image File Type:

Image file type is the crucial thing that entirely impacts the page speed parameters. So, it’s essential to choose the correct image file format. The three most commonly used file types are JPEG, PNG, and SVG. They all are used for different purposes, but the most recommended is SVG vector graphic file type. When it comes to catering for HDPI displays, typically PNG raster images can weigh in at large file sizes. Bear in mind that the larger the file size, the image rendering and loading becomes quite slow. On the other hand, SVGs are just a code that means very small file sizes. So, don’t to worry even if you have bunch of PNG raster images, you could be able to convert them easily. Thanks to a free PNG to SVG converter that programmed to convert PNG to SVG vector image, no matter whether you want to perform single or multiple PNG to SVG vector images.

Image Name:

No doubt that Google comes with great advancements in machine learning, however, it does also assist Google when we add context to our images by using the file name. For instance, if your image is related to cookies, it is preferred to name the file as “cookies.svg” and not a by-default name, which is typically indicated as ‘img003.svg”.

Also, you could name your image by using the relevant keyword for which you aim the image to rank for. However, SVG vector image is text-based format, which can easily read, crawl, and index by search engines. That’s the reason why in these days people account SVGs for SEO rather than regular PNG image files. And, if you already accounted with PNG files, then humble thanks to a free PNG to SVG converter that helps you convert PNG to SVG online.

Image SEO

Image Alt Tag:

Image alt text (alternative text) is referred to as another attribute that assists in indicating the context of an image to the SE (Search Engines). An image alt tag considered by screen readers that assist people efficiently with visual impairment to browse the web. Also, it gets displayed whenever there are issues with rendering of the image. This is the parameter that assists in improving the user experience and indicated as the most obvious Google ranking factors. Bear in mind the length of the alternative text should be below 100 characters.

Besides that, no matter whether or not you have a retina display, SVG’s always works best. So, it’s sharp time to upload your regular PNG images to PNG to SVG converter and lets it convert PNG to SVG without quality loss.

Image Title Tag:

Image title text is another source that provides you to add relevance to the web-page along with the image. When the user hovers over the image, this tag gets displayed. Same like the alt text, you could stick with the image title text to add more context to the image.

Remember that the SVGs are not only smaller in file size, but also the XML can be embedded inline to your HTML, while PNG don’t. Thus, for ease, an online PNG to SVG converter taken into place to convert PNG to SVG. Once regular PNG image converted to SVG, you could account it on your website for optimal SEO.

Integrating unique and responsive images:

Say goodbye to stock images and get ready to provide a better user experience. Always consider unique and high-quality images for your website to make tremendous sense of ranking. Also, you should have to make sure that your images are responsive on certain devices or not.

However, the scalability is the most obvious feature of the SVG vector image file, while PNG distort the quality if scaling applied. Due to SVG’s scalability nature, people preferred to use an online PNG to SVG converter to that typically best to convert PNG to SVG vector image file.

Well, stick with these above-mentioned image optimization tips for better SEO outcomes. Good Luck!